goodbye brunch

back by popular demand!
sorry guys. life happened. i've been busy.

where did i leave off??

so we moved back to dallas. (tear)
felt like it was a good time to be back in the same city as our families.
it's been a fun and exciting change,
but we left so many dear friends back in austin.

before we left, i threw a little "goodbye brunch" with the homies.

i got the deck all cleaned up and set up our little brunch drink station.
 i was so thrilled with the house being this tidy i had to take photos of it.
i don't think i'll ever stop missing this house!

 then andrew went and picked up like ten pounds of fried chicken.
really serious chicken selection going on here:
 again, yum.
 so many of our darling friends came to give us hugs!

 the peppers had a photo shoot:

 evidence of how many mimosas were consumed:
(andrew in a rob sandwich)
 rob brought his kiddos who were delightful as always.
 then brunch ended and we transitioned into that weird
"post day drinking" part of the day:

 and then i busted out mac-n-cheese.
toby loooooved that part of the party.
 these darlings:

ugh! i miss my friends so much it hurts.
but distance shan't keep us apart!

thank you, austin and all the wonderful amazing humans that reside there.
you gave us some of the best years of our lives-
i will cherish them always.

bye austin! bye the blue house!
(the above photo was taken on moving day. hence my terribly rough appearance)

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  1. UGH This makes me so sad for you while simultaneously making me SO HAPPY FOR ME! So i am torn as I will also miss the blue house and am so sorry you are far from your friends, but also makes me remember that I can text you RIGHT NOW to come over if I want to. Which is a perk. Love you and love that blue house and that back yard send off, so MUCH.