the gang explores enchanted rock

so a few weeks ago (in between the life threatening blizzards)
we gazed upon the weekend forecast and were overjoyed to learn
that the best weather of all time was happening that saturday!

this calls for some outdoor exploration.

so we hit up enchanted rock!
(just north of fredericksburg)
it's a bit of a drive from austin, but every inch is beautiful so it's fine.
we packed up a big ol picnic and jon drove us in his big ol truck.
haley was looking particularly outdoorsy.
i was pretty jealous.
the day was extraordinarily beautiful.
sunny but a cool breeze- perfecto!
we couldn't resist bringing toby along.
andrew carried the tobe pack but we let him hike the first leg.
he was exploding with excitement.
it's a little steep
(i was more winded than i care to admit)
but just look how pretty??

it was pretty windy.
toby's ears were standing straight up.
he's literally never been happier.

then we went to check out a cave.

toby too.

hey chris!

fun fact from the link at the beginning:

"Enchanted Rock is an exfoliation dome (as are the other domes here). That means it has layers like an onion. After the rock and soil on top wore away, the granite expanded slightly because there was less weight bearing down on it. That expansion caused the dome to split into curved sections. As the outer layer of rock breaks into smaller pieces and slides off, the next layer begins to peel away from the dome. This is a process that continues today."

tobe pack:

group pic:
(love you guys)

another cave:

a couple hours in, toby was getting pretty tired.
he spent most of the journey in the pack from here on.
look how beautiful these rocks are!
hey jon.

haley looks like she's about to fall off the edge:

when i man the camera i don't make it into many photos.
so, here we go selfie:
my fitbit tells me we hiked the equivalent of 68 flights of stairs
and over 10,000 steps!
way to go us!
by the last leg of our journey we were pretty wiped out.
once back at the car, we snacked on our picnic.
it was delicious, but severely lacking in the booze department.
so we drove to fredericksburg for some beers!
and apparently you can drink booze on the streets in fredericksburg.
so that's fun.
after a long and fantastic day we drove back to austin.
it was such a fun adventure-
thanks jon and haley for taking us along!