starting the year off with bad decisions

h a p p y   n e w   y e a r ! ! !

these are the reasons i love new years eve:
- champagne
- black dresses (or skirts, or sparkle pants)
- dance party
- champagne
- black and white photos
- kisses

but there's always so much pressure to do something big on new years eve.
this year, we kept it a bit more low key, but it was every bit as fun!

the evening began with me doing heather and nataliya's eyeshadow.
i love doing eyeshadow. it's just like painting.
 then everyone gathered at our house for some pre dinner sips!
 i got to meet this lovely lady for the first time:
 and we got some mini champagnes.
 did i mention they come in cans and have a straw?
just like a juice box!
 then we walked a few blocks to perlas.
 we all got martinis
 and oysters!
 after a long and delicious dinner we all realized that it was 11:47.
we got the check and RAN home (uncomfortable shoes and all)
and dashed in the door just in time to pop a couple bottles, fill up some flutes,
and countdown to 2014!
happy new year!
 then we got silly.

we took shots of fireball,
group sang a really sloppy rendition of strawberry wine,
and haley and i got into a wrestling match on my concrete floor.
(this is a bad decision we've made before and i have a cracked knee cap to prove it)
there was also a disposable camera in the mix.

 i broke a beer bottle,
 jon went ahead and got a jumpstart on the next morning's headache,
 and we ate those macaroons i mentioned earlier.
 and other things.
 dance parties? yes.

the next morning we all woke up and met at hillside farmacy on east 11th.
this place is the jam.
 and they have the best bloody mary...
we drank a few and ate until we were stuffed.
what a good way to start a new year! 
i fully planned to getting to my resolutions after my hangover was gone...
i ate this:
fried egg blt on gluten free bread. are you serious!?

i have since been resolutioning pretty hard.
lots of workouts and lots of spinach smoothies.
2013, you were a good year,
but, frankly, i'm glad to be back on an even number.


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