snowday in austin

austin got a snowday.

friday morning:

i awoke to floods of texts and emails and postings about how earth was coming to an end,
and austin, tx was frozen over.
i was so happy i didn't have to get out of bed.
after a few extra z's, i got out of my warm blanket cave and crept to the window.
i peered out the curtains and gazed upon the icy tundra that lay before me.
 that's right folks. we're lucky to be alive.

school- cancelled.
city offices- shut down.
my gym- closed.

looks like there's nothing left to do but curl up with blankets and cocoa.
and, of course build a snowman.
actual frozen pieces of water were slightly scarce,
but thanks to my car windshield, i was able to scrape this guy together:
 toby didn't see what all the fuss was about.
he was ready to get back to that blanket i mentioned earlier.
 oh and just in case you're wondering,
here's a farther back photo of mr. snowman
(for scale).
when it's really cold outside, there's one thing that always warms me up.
 i decided to make a whole bunch of tiny ones.
they last longer that way.
 toby got an ultra special treat also.
it kept him occupied for about 6 hours.
and over the course of the day my pancake pile turned into this:
and as my pancakes vanished and the sun came out of hiding,
poor little snowman could only wait; clinging to the last moments of his short and fleeting life.

saturday morning:

cold weather- gone.
ice- melted.
temperature- warm.
cocktails- tropical.

and now jump forward to today (tuesday):

snowday part two...

apparently in austin our seasons last about 24 hours and go through the full cycle
at least a dozen times before spring.

meanwhile in chicago, my little sis is reporting lots of negative numbers
and plenty of actual visible snow (enough for a whole family of snowmen).
so, it could be worse.

stay warm, friends!

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