last weekend, dallas experienced quite the ice storm.
first of all, i gotta say- there were lots of haters on "the facebook"
talking about how texans are such babies and can't handle a little cold weather.
well let me explain to any non texan readers what actually went down:
this wasn't a little snow or a few patches of ice. this was like solid ice.
blocks. streets frozen completely from one end to the other.
3 inches of sleet and freezing rain.
hundreds of trees uprooted and like half the city was without power for days.
people died.
so enough of the hate, it was a big deal.
the end!

moving on.
i was in dallas all week, so i didn't have to do any major traveling on the ice.
andrew flew in on thursday and just missed it.
the rest of our brave austin friends chose to tackle the roads, ice and all!
friday morning we awoke to a winter wonderland.
i foolishly took zero pictures of said wonderland.
(i'm the worst wannabe blogger ever)
the kanye concert was friday night, so midday we checked into our room at the W hotel.
this was our view from the room-
look at all the snowy icy rooftops!
a few of us met at the hotel before the show. we were going to walk over together once the entire group was assembled. hah! foolish thinking by us.
haley and i were midway through getting ready when- zooomp!
the power went out at the hotel.
luckily there were emergency lights and a large mirror in the hallway.

it was nearing time for the show to begin, and despite still having half our party stuck on the roads,
we headed over to american airlines center.

kendrick lamar was opening for kanye.
he was meant to go on at 8:00.
this photo was taken at 8:03:
 that may give you some indication of what the roads were like...

but we didn't care!
we got the party started anyway!
girl pic:
about half an hour late, kendrick got started.
it was AWESOME!!
 he closed his set by walking away and promising the crowd,
"i'll be back, dallas,
i'll be back, houston,
i'll be back, austin,
i'll be back san antonio."
we're holding you to that, kendrick.
right after kendrick came on, stu and valerie walked in!
so we took a revised girl pic after the set was over.
jon still hadn't arrived.
he left austin at 3, reached the dallas city limits at 6, and arrived at the concert at 9:30.
the good news? he made it in time for kanye!!
it was unreal amazing.
and we all got tshirts. (duh)
i can't even explain.
ps- they didn't let us bring cameras in so these are all phone photos.
this was a failed attempt at a panoramic, but i liked it.
all my best homies were there!

we took a group photo on the way out, and for some reason half of us have meatballs in our hands.
we skated back to the hotel
and all the peppers fell asleep.
the milks lasted quite a bit longer, but (thankfully) the photos stopped.
we split a bottle of warm dom perignon,
tucked the sleepy ones into bed,
got a handful of noise complaints from the W,
and somehow everyone made it home alive.

hours later i awoke to the worst hangover i've had since new years,
but that story is best left untold.

thank you kanye for putting together the most amazing show of all time!

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