thanksgiving 2013 | champagne, cigars, and turkey

let me give you the rundown of how turkey day goes at my house.
we are awakened early by the sound of my father blasting music over the big speakers.
we get up and join him by the smoker where he is building a roaring fire.
once the fire is optimal, in go the birds.
out come the cigars...
and, soon after, the champagne.
then we all get real pumped about having cigars and champagne at like 8 in the morning,
and we take tons of photos. no halbert event goes undocumented.
here's all the boys:
and the sibs!
the doggies were there, smelling turkey smells.
everyone looks cooler when they're smoking cigars.
except for heather and i...
"i don't know how to hold it!"
instagramming happens...
coolness happens....
it's really just so fun.

 this year was pretty chilly. toby had to take a time out in andrew's jacket.
 this is the aftermath:
but more importantly, this:
after smoking cigars and turkeys,
we went and got a little cleaned up.
last year, at our wedding, andrew and i planted a tree.
as long as the little guy doesn't die,
we intend to take a photo every year with him.
this is year one:
plus a few extra, because heather takes the best photos.

then a couple of the girls!

and finally, it's food time.
this is alex's plate. he is slightly famous for plates like these.
the dogs all did a very good job begging and by the time our plates were clean,
their tummies were quite full.
toby was regretting all his bites.
so he took a snooze through the cowboy game.
tanq and copper didn't fair much better.
 every year, my inlaws cook turkey pot pies with all the leftover turkey
(and they're delicious).
dad started chopping up turkey, and the dogs got a second wind.
the next day we went and took christmas card photos.
this year we went with tacky sweaters.
here's a sneak peek!

and so concludes yet another halbert/gill thanksgiving!
it was so fun, but i'll definitely be paying for it in the gym well into 2014...
hope your thanksgiving was lovely!

**all the good photos were taken by heather; all the bad ones by me**

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