zombie spring break | halloween 2013

this is where halloween began.
arguably also where my hangover began...
(blood shots- equal parts vodka, pomegranate juice, and pom liqueur)

back story:
haley and i went on a girls trip to south padre. while there, we went to pick up some cheap beach towels from one of those obnoxious touristy stores (the kind that involves a giant shark near the entrance). we didn't expect to have as much fun in this store as we did. all of the spring break stuff was like 80% off, and there were millions of tshirts that say insane things that only sunburned hillbillies would find amusing. for this reason, we found them ironically amusing.
THEN we had a lightning strike of brilliance and realized we needed to be spring breakers for halloween. this is similar to "jersey shore" or "frat party sluts" costumes.
after watching a few youtube tutorials on how to do zombie makeup, i decided we needed to be zombie spring breakers.
this is what happened:
 some of our friends joined along on the halloween fun!
this is our little sleepy princess and her pea, alongside the classic tv doctor.
back to the gore.
i put zombie bites on everyone to really sell the backstory. 
 jon got really into his makeup.
 we had so much fun covering our bodies in fake blood.
 and even more fun showing off our bloody bites!
 jon's best zombie impression:
 we scurried off to the bus stop.
we are safe zombies.
despite being the undead, we didn't wanna drink n drive.
 got some pretty straaaaaange looks from fellow bus riders.
especially the ones that felt like halloween was over.
(it's never over)
 marisa did amazing day of the dead makeup:
 check out that gnarly bite, y'all.
 you can tell, we were pumped about our bloody bods.
 then we went to mooseknuckle to see valerie!
she was working, and therefore not dressed up, but she spared a few minutes for photog.
 we were just hanging out, drinkin some drinks, and suddenly....
 i remembered this filter exists on my camera.
 and the rest of the night was in black and white.

 "dtf" and "party with sluts"

 we kind of lost kendell in this one...

 always a proponent of the dance party, haley drove the crowd onward in search of one.
 nailed it:

 and we saw vera! (very briefly)
 we thought it was probably sooooo late and everyone was feeling the effects of the bloodshots.
just before we hailed our cab home, jon pulled out his phone.
it was 11:59.
feeling a bit old, but thoroughly exhausted, we zombied ourselves back home.
another truly successful halloween.
thanks, homies!
y'all are my favorite people to celebrate with!

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