the gills go to new haven - part II

i almost forgot to post part two of our trip to new haven!
let's continue, shall we?
 our last day in new haven was quite cloudy.
we were nervous that it might rain, since graduation was being held outside
no matter what the weather was like.
we stood in the back for the gigantic yale graduation, since sarah promised us there wouldn't be much to see.
 we did, however, catch her and teoman on their way out!
huzzah!! grads!
 there was so much excitement!
 the crowds were pretty insane,
but it's always easy to spot miss gill with her gorgeous hair!
then it was time for the school of architecture graduation.
 we all cheered when sarah walked across the stage- beaming with pride.
then they began to announce the awards.
we all shifted around in our seats, expecting sarah's name to be called for one of them.
then they came to the final award.
the really really big deal one....
"sarah gill" they said-
literally all four of us started crying!
 after the ceremony was over, sarah was swarmed by her professors, classmates, and friends
showering her with congratulations.
again- we were beaming with pride!
 just as they began to serve lunch, the clouds parted and the sun came out.
it turned into the most beautiful day!
and we got to meet a bunch of sarah's friends and finally put some lovely faces with names.
 one last group photo!
 later, we spent some time walking around campus.
sarah showed us all the amazing sights,
from the outside you can't fathom how incredible it is.
i was in rare book heaven.
then we strolled around campus some more.
 obviously, rocking the yale gear:
 finally we stopped back by sarah's apartment
to prep some food for the potluck grad party at sarah's frind peter's house.
and we got changed.
 we walked a few blocks to peter's place
and couldn't believe the spread set before us!
 we spent the evening eating amazing food, drinking plenty of wine,
and laughing with new friends.
 i was so happy to be included.
it was awesome getting a little window into sarah's life in new haven.

the next day we flew back to texas.
shortly after we left, so did sarah!

she got a job in london, but before she set sail for the uk-
she came to austin to spend a couple days with us!

we stuffed a lot of fun into a couple days.

drinks at hotel san jose
(complete with olives)
 it was so hot! but still beautiful.
 stu and val joined us for a pretty cocktail:
 and meegan came too:

then we got hungry.
had to treat sarah to some fried chicken while she was in town.

it was so yummy.
we demolished this bucket.
 that evening we got dinner at contigo,
which, by the way, is delicious.
these cucumber drinks were pretty perfect too.
(especially considering it was about 94 degrees at sunset)
beautiful ladies:

shortly after, she zipped off to her new life in london,
and we have missed her every day since!

the good news? i now have a reason to go back to london!

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