pitchfork 2013

i can't believe i'm just now getting around to this blog!
over the summer i spent a little weekend in chicago with my sis.
we went to-
the main reason we wanted to go was
the love of our life (joanna newsom) was playing.
she is gorgeous and amazing and heather and i have matching tattoos
from one of her songs.
we battled through hellish train traffic and squeezed our way in
just in time for her set to begin.
it was heavenly!
 i have "can't make normal faces in photos" syndrome.
but i was just SO happy to be with these two cute little things!
 alex took the previous photo.
then an adorable australian couple offered to take one of all of us.
they chuckled at our use of a disposable camera.
 for some reason, pitchfork makes you use drink coupons
(like at the fair)
so we had do so some double fisting to save time.
(there is zero logic in that sentence, but it worked at the time)
 we ended the evening on heather's porch, gazing at the stars.
and it was magical.

unfortunately, chicago was amidst a pretty intense heat wave
and heather's little place is without air conditioning.
needless to say, i took about six cold showers a day
and walked around in my underoos.
 just before we began to melt, we headed off to pitchfork day two.
 we ate lots of food.
and then we bumped into a giant twinkie!
apparently the twink is on the verge of extinction.
i think this has something to do with americans deciding it isn't okay
to consume 600 calories in three small bites of a yellow puff,
but nevertheless- people are concerned.
 nat don't care.
she's too tiny to worry about twinkie calories anyway.
 i stuck to cider,
as twinkies are not gluten free.
but don't get me wrong, if they were, i woulda ate dat.
 then we saw a band called chairlift.
i didn't know who they were, but i am now a huge fan.
you will like them! take a listen...
 my little bean always shows me such a good time in chi town.
 the evening closed with mia
(her set was loaded with technical issues, but when she played paper planes the whole crowd danced and waved their finger guns)
and then the magical r kelly!!!
if you ever get the chance to see r kelly live, please don't pass it up.
he is incredible. and he has like seven million hit songs.
he didn't play a single song straight through to the end- there were just too many.
he took a time out from the show to "sing-talk" to the audience.
this included a very trapped in the closet-esque speech all in song:
"i need a mother f***ing towel right now.... because i'm sweaty as a mother f*****"
and so on.
at the very end he released a thousand balloons with blinky lights attached.
we danced together and laughed till our tummies hurt.
it was so fun.

love you girls!
i'll be back to visit soon enough-
maybe someday i'll make it there during the beautiful months.
somehow i keep missing those midrange temperatures:
january (5 degrees) and then july (95 degrees)...