dinosaurs and pizza | happy birthday jon!

i've been getting a lot of complaints lately about my recent lack of bloggage.
i'm sorry!
so let's get back to it, shall we??

july 12th brought us a very special occasion this year.
jon turned 30 years old!
(this photo is credited to my sis)

jon is everyone's favorite person.
haley and i talked for months about how to properly celebrate his big day.
we decided to go out to crockett tx, where haley's family has land.
all of our favorite homies joined, and it was an amazing weekend!

of course, i had to make tshirts (or in this case, tank tops).
jon loves dinosaurs and also pizza,
so i carefully crafted this little twist on the jurassic park logo:
i also created this birthday banner with drawings of all his favorite things:
here's a better image:
 haley found us this unbelievable slip-n-slide.
the place agreed to rent it to us for the entire weekend!
it was so fun, and made us forget all about the fact that it was 102 outside!
 a couple of our friends are gun owners,
so they brought out their guns and everyone took turns shooting them.
mind you, we took all safety precautions possible
and did the gun shooting very early in the morning before anyone had any beers!
i personally despise the very existence of guns,
but people tend to look really cool holding them,
so i did take a lot of photos.
it was gordana's first time shooting
but she totally handled it like a pro.
 oh yeah, the back of the shirts say,
"hold on to your butts"
 and here's haley,
managing to make shooting guns in one million degrees look sexy.
there were five dogs present for the weekend.
they did not enjoy the gun shooting.
birthday boy's turn!
 such a pro.
 nailed it.
 we filled up the splash pool at the end of the slip-n-slide
breathed a sigh of relief.
then gus joined us...
the dogs might have had even more fun than we did.
i had so much fun that i forgot to take pictures.
 we spent our last night grilling a burger feast and covering our bodies
with dinosaur themed temporary tattoos.
(seen here on johnny's neck)
 as the sun began to set, the whole place turned bright orange!
everyone was a little wiped out from the weekend.
 happy birthday, jon!
we love you!!

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  1. If only we could all be as sexy as Haley.

    You all look happy and beautiful, I'm glad you had a wonderful time celebrating. This is all so Texas in the very best way.