until next time, london!

on our last day, we drove out to windsor to spend our last night out in the country.
our tour guides were two new friends (the couple that put on the fantastic movie premier).
they brought along their two kids,
and together we toured the windsor castle.
it was a very chilly afternoon,
and some of us neglected to bring jackets.
tc shared his.
this is a good looking crew!
the castle was really amazing to see.
we walked all around, and spotted this little guy watching from
behind a fence. we all waved and his tail thump thump thumped.
these tall hat guards are great.
they won't budge.
i loved how short this lady was compared to him:
then adrien got a photo:
that evening we had a party over at keira and rony's house
(our new friends and hosts)
and celebrated the film, and adrien's success.
it was so fun to meet so many new people
and to hear so many stories.
it was a delightful ending to the trip!
thank you to all our new friends
for making our trip to london unforgettable!
i hope to see you again soon!

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