sightseeing in london

day two of our trip to london, we got out and saw the sights!
this is st. paul's cathedral.
 next, we headed to the millennium bridge. you could still see the cathedral all the way across the thames!
 this guy's costume made my brain confused.
 here we are, walking across the millennium bridge.
 at the other side we disembarked and headed for the tate modern.
 the bridge is so pretty, i think.
 greg paused for some field notes,
then we went in to see the lichtenstein exhibit.
i took zero photos, but if such exhibit ever finds itself in your neck of the woods-
i highly recommend it!
it totally blew me away and gave me a whole new appreciation for an artist i thought i already knew plenty about.
 everyone was starting to get sleepy.
after all, jet lag plus staying up all night equals terrible things.
so we stopped for a pint!
 these weirdos got guinness with shots of espresso.
i don't think there is much of anything on earth that i find more distasteful than
this mud disguised as a beer.
i'm not sure where the shot of espresso moves it on my hate scale,
but i suspect it's still in the high ranks.
 i, however, am quite fond of a pimm's cup.
 suddenly, the sun popped his little self out of the clouds!
 we walked along the river, and soaked up the view.
 we passed this little skate park that was totally covered in graffiti.
 it was fun watching people skate.
 and of course we had to pose for a group photo in front of big ben.
 we contemplated a ride on the london eye, but the line was insane.
my father pointed out, "the queue is quite long!" (in his best british accent).
 the sun did make for quite a view.
 after our touristy stroll along the thames,
we strolled back over to marylebone,
and settled down in a pub called the marylebone!
 they make their own infused liquors and put fun twists on all of their cocktails.
i noticed a large bottle on the top shelf labeled
"chili vodka"
and was quite intrigued...
i asked the friendly bartender what he could make with that.
he made a suggestion and i agreed, but told him i wanted it very spicy.
he muddled like 5 chili peppers and stirred in the chili vodka.
i couldn't tell you what the other ingredients were, but there was a lot of spice!
he tasted it with a straw and his eyes got bigger,
"are you sure you like things spicy? because that's quite spicy!"
he was right.
but so good...
 actually, two photos up, you can see my dad's face while reacting to my drink!
but i loved it.
 and killed it.
if you ever find yourself in marylebone,
try this pub!
we had such a fun time, and everyone's drinks were amazing!

and so ended day two in london.

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  1. Love these pics of you all enjoying the sights of London!! Great of you all! who knows maybe there is another trip in store for us there!! love, nan