"your sun that banishes winter"

for heather's 18th birthday i had a necklace made for her.
it is a locket-esque glass piece that holds a teaspoon of green sand that i collected in hawaii.
green sand is actually olivine which you may know as peridot.
peridot is heather's birthstone.
around the edge of the necklace i had a line from one of my favorite songs engraved.
the line goes,
"what they've seen is just a beam of your sun that banishes winter"
it comes from a song by joanna newsom that she wrote for her sister,

fast forward to my wedding.
the night of my rehearsal dinner, heather made an unbelievable speech and then
gave me a necklace that she had made.
on it was engraved another line from the song that goes,
"the ties that bind they are barbed and spined and hold us close forever"

heather and i decided we needed sister tatts.
we chose the line that i put on her necklace.
just after christmas, heather came to visit me in austin.
we went to the tattoo shop down the street from my house.
heather got hers in a delicate circle in the middle of her back.

it's absolutely gorgeous.
my back is full of all sorts of nonsense,
so i put mine on my arm.
they are perfect.
i love my sister more than anything.
she is my best friend in the world.
having a matching tattoo with her means so much to me,
and it makes me think of her every single day.

love you, little bean!

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  1. i love every single thing about this. they are just perfection!!!!!