tatturday : feb 16th

i apologize to any parents affected by the following post.
we are foolish kids. please don't hate me.

after our wedding was over and we were all sitting on the couch recovering, jon and haley said to andrew and i, "what should we give you as a wedding gift? we want it to be, like, really awesome."

we thought and we pondered and then decided- why not our wedding gift be the tattoos we've been wanting to all get?! it was settled. we would all four get friendship tatts.

february rolled around and we decided, the time is now.

we cruised over to electric 13 tattoos.
(if you want a tatt in austin, texas you should definitely go here)

anyway, jon went first. he got his milk tattoo prominently on his shoulder.
as a fellow milk, this pleases me.
next was haley's turn!
she got a bright red pepper!
look at that ink...
and before we knew it,
it makes her look way tougher, we all agreed.
andrew went with a simpler look.
no color, just a basic outline of a habenero pepper (as that is his favorite pepper).
i went last, but since mine was on the back of my arm, the perspective was far less flattering.
so to spare you a horrendous photo of my backside, i'll just show you my milk in a minute.

afterwards we went out for a pint to celebrate!
the peppers noted that they got beer and the wussy milks got cider.
a couple weeks later, when we were out for sxsw, i made us take some real photos of our tatts in action!
here i am with andrew-
his pepper and my milk.
 and here are our homies-
jon with the milk and h-bomb with the pepper!
what a wedding gift! we definitely won't end up losing or garage sale-ing these!
thanks guys- we love you!!


  1. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. This is fantastic!

  2. As one of the parents,I accept your apology. One word, "OY!"

  3. Haha this is so cute! ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!