sxsw : part 1

south by southwest is such a huge thing in austin. every year our city fills up to the brim with people, music, parties, and excitement. we didn't do anything too crazy this year, but on sunday we decided to go downtown and see the sights.

first stop- mexican food!
we got some margaritas and mexican martinis to get our day started right.
 after lunch, we headed over to a bar on sixth street that our dear friend, valerie, bartends at.

suddenly haley noticed a huge poster that was surely crafted just for her.
haley (also known as h-bomb) has the come and take it flag tattooed on her body.
too much awesome.
 we shared some laughs and some drinks,
 then it was back out to sixth street.
 these glittered cowboy boots are hanging all over town.
not sure why...
 so we walked on!
across the highway and on to east sixth.
to rio rita!
 i love rio rita for their large patio and delicious drinks.
they infuse their own liquors and they are to die for.
the strawberry/vanilla vodka is my favorite- try it mixed with champagne. ugh! so good!
andrew's favorite is the habenero/garlic tequila, but is that a surprise to anyone?

moving on!
we went out to the patio and found a seat at a long picnic table.
our table neighbors had a little furry friend along.
this little man:
 his name is peter and he loves lone star.
he sat on the table and begged for sips the whole time we were there.
we all fell in love with peter a little bit.
 it was just the right start to sxsw 2013!
stay tuned for part two!

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