sxsw : part 2

saturday morning:
we had intended to get to stubbs really early to get in to rachel ray's annual sxsw party. getting there proved more of a challenge than we expected...
after walking all the way downtown only to realize i had left my id at home, we had to completely retrace our steps. after a bus, a jog, a cab and about 45 minutes, we were back at stubbs.
we arrived only to find a long line wrapping all the way around the building and stretching a couple blocks down the street. jon and haley were waiting for us at the very end of the line.
it was hot and it was noon.
we waited in the sun for two hours, until we were finally let in.
you can imagine how excited we were to have made it in.
and how ready for our free booze we were!
everyone is allowed two drinks at a time.
so, of course, we got two each.
there were margaritas and palomas.
jon and i got one of each.
 the food line was really long, but the smells coming from their direction were very enticing to the boys.
 always fresh:
 haley went with beer.
 there was a band playing that we didn't know.
while we waited in line we got to hear macklemore through the fence.
it was actually still fun, even though we were outside the actual party.
 mass consumption:
 finally andrew and jon made it through the food line.
all that was left was cream corn and some tacos, but they were still happy.
we go more drinks.
 the margs were really good.
 and so many people!
 at last, it was time for what i had been waiting for...
 rachel ray thanked everyone for coming, and then introduced the final act...
 kenny loggins!!!
 kenny loggins is one of my secret loves in life.
everything from danger zone to house at pooh corner-
i love him.
 and he played danny's song,
which me and haley both have a great fondness for.
we sang our hearts out!
 the whole party was into it.
 and he closed out with footloose.
even if you don't like kenny or this song,
i'm still willing to bet that you've danced to it.
well let me tell you-
the crowd was loving it.
we definitely cut loose!
 after the show, our ears were ringing, and our voices were leaving us.
and andrew was really sunburned...
he hid out from the sun in a small patch of shade.
 we walked down the way to a nearby mexican restaurant.
haley and i did a celebratory tequila shot.
the boys found this amusing and took photos of the whole thing..

you might be noticing that i also got a little sunburnage..

 the boys passed on the shots.
 perfect end to a really awesome day.
and a huge checkmark off my bucket list!
 alas, the sunburns were our unfortunate party favors.
thank you rachel ray, and thank you kenny loggins!!
this is why i love sxsw!


sxsw : part 1

south by southwest is such a huge thing in austin. every year our city fills up to the brim with people, music, parties, and excitement. we didn't do anything too crazy this year, but on sunday we decided to go downtown and see the sights.

first stop- mexican food!
we got some margaritas and mexican martinis to get our day started right.
 after lunch, we headed over to a bar on sixth street that our dear friend, valerie, bartends at.

suddenly haley noticed a huge poster that was surely crafted just for her.
haley (also known as h-bomb) has the come and take it flag tattooed on her body.
too much awesome.
 we shared some laughs and some drinks,
 then it was back out to sixth street.
 these glittered cowboy boots are hanging all over town.
not sure why...
 so we walked on!
across the highway and on to east sixth.
to rio rita!
 i love rio rita for their large patio and delicious drinks.
they infuse their own liquors and they are to die for.
the strawberry/vanilla vodka is my favorite- try it mixed with champagne. ugh! so good!
andrew's favorite is the habenero/garlic tequila, but is that a surprise to anyone?

moving on!
we went out to the patio and found a seat at a long picnic table.
our table neighbors had a little furry friend along.
this little man:
 his name is peter and he loves lone star.
he sat on the table and begged for sips the whole time we were there.
we all fell in love with peter a little bit.
 it was just the right start to sxsw 2013!
stay tuned for part two!


tatturday : feb 16th

i apologize to any parents affected by the following post.
we are foolish kids. please don't hate me.

after our wedding was over and we were all sitting on the couch recovering, jon and haley said to andrew and i, "what should we give you as a wedding gift? we want it to be, like, really awesome."

we thought and we pondered and then decided- why not our wedding gift be the tattoos we've been wanting to all get?! it was settled. we would all four get friendship tatts.

february rolled around and we decided, the time is now.

we cruised over to electric 13 tattoos.
(if you want a tatt in austin, texas you should definitely go here)

anyway, jon went first. he got his milk tattoo prominently on his shoulder.
as a fellow milk, this pleases me.
next was haley's turn!
she got a bright red pepper!
look at that ink...
and before we knew it,
it makes her look way tougher, we all agreed.
andrew went with a simpler look.
no color, just a basic outline of a habenero pepper (as that is his favorite pepper).
i went last, but since mine was on the back of my arm, the perspective was far less flattering.
so to spare you a horrendous photo of my backside, i'll just show you my milk in a minute.

afterwards we went out for a pint to celebrate!
the peppers noted that they got beer and the wussy milks got cider.
a couple weeks later, when we were out for sxsw, i made us take some real photos of our tatts in action!
here i am with andrew-
his pepper and my milk.
 and here are our homies-
jon with the milk and h-bomb with the pepper!
what a wedding gift! we definitely won't end up losing or garage sale-ing these!
thanks guys- we love you!!