the milks and chilies do deer valley

hey guys!
back again after an amazing week in deer valley!
andrew and i got to go skiing twice in one month, but this time we got to
bring along our favorite pals!

jon and haley aren't the most experienced skiers
(some would say zero experience)
but we were all looking forward to the challenge!

on our first day, we suited them up and took them out on the snow.
we warned that the first run was a tricky one, but they bravely
slid out onto the mountain.

as we suspected, this run was very difficult,
but as we also suspected- jon and haley handled it like champs!
before too long they were skiing like pros!
 and looking oh so fly!
 the weather was truly perfection.
our first two days on the mountain were warm with sunny skies.
 we even got lunch out on the porch when we stopped at the lodge.
 of course we shared a bowl of the famous
"turkey chili"
 and we shoveled in a huge plate of fries.

 it was perfect!
 and we were having the time of our lives!

 the third day we awoke to quite the winter wonderland.
the snow was pouring down, and it was just too cozy inside
to leave our roaring fire behind.
* *  snow * *
 that evening the snow calmed down,
and we decided to spend a night out on the town!
we began the drive down to main street,
but stopped suddenly to capture this amazing sunset:


we made it into town and took a stroll down main street.
the lights were twinkling and bundled up window shoppers
passed us on every corner.
 it was a beautiful night.
 once our tummies got rumbly we headed for dinner at
it's a sushi restaurant that my family frequents.
the vibe is fun, the rolls are delish, and the sake plentiful.
jon and i have a habit of referring to our beloved haley and andrew
as our "chili peppers." 
conversely, we call ourselves the "milks."
this is because haley and andrew are spicy food addicts while jon and i are a bit more timid.
for this reason, we ordered one of the "f'n hot rolls"
named after a local hot sauce that is effing hot.
the waitress even warns you of it's spiciness when you order it.
i dabbed a tiny dab of the sauce on my chopstick and couldn't feel my tongue the rest of the evening.
jon got two whole pieces down, though he was in considerable pain.
andrew and haley promptly polished off the rest.
and if i may say something to the flying sumo:
the chili pepper rating on your menu is way off.
we got jalapeno poppers that were given a rating of two chilies.
they were not spicy, even to my standards.
the f'n hot roll is ranked at a three chili pepper rating.
this is a massively inaccurate rating.
i suggest you add a good three or four chillies to the roll, as to better warn the citizens
of utah. a culture that is well known for their "mildness," if you will.

sorry for that spicy tangent.

 day four we hit the slopes once more!
though it was still quite the blizzard...

 when we stopped for photos i took the opportunity to get a few pictures of the trees.
i just love when their little needles get caked in snow.
 it looks like one of those fake christmas trees.
you see them at home depot and think "that doesn't look real at all!"
but they are real-er than you thought.
 despite the heavy snow,
the day was a huge success!
and we skied till the lifts closed!
 our last full day was another lovely one!
 the blue skies were calling us out of our cozy beds.
 we were sore and tired,
but we managed to get out the door.
 nearly the moment we got on the mountain, the clouds rolled in
and the snow started to pour.
we stayed out until we couldn't feel our noses or our hands.
then we came back to the lodge for a warm up.
 and some more chili.
 and maybe some hot cider too?
 a nice man took our photo before we got back on the skis.
he held up the camera and said
"say, rumpelstiltskin!"
jon was the only one that followed directions.
and as if the earth knew it was our last day,
the clouds parted and sunny skies appeared again!
 we hit the mountain.
 and the boys hit the jumps.
 haley and i were so impressed.
 then we skied

 and skied

 till our knees said,

 it was the perfect trip
with the most wonderful people!
jon and haley
for making it such a fantastic week!

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  1. What a special time for all of you! Haley and Jon are so blessed to have such wonderful friends that share their good fortunes. Lyndsey, you have an amazing eye for detail and a natural artistic skill of creative genious. This was absolutely beautiful and entertaining! One day, you and Haley are gonna be in business together!!!! Thanks for sharing, Much Love, Marla