super bowl sundaes!

who doesn't love super bowl sunday?!
it's an excuse to eat terribly, drink too much, and watch the most epic of football games!
andrew and i invited our friends over to watch the big game.

when everyone arrived, i directed them to this box.
they were asked to predict the final score of the game.
at the end of the game, whoever was closest won a prize!
 buzzfeed and i came up with this super hilarious drinking game.
all the really funny ones are, of course, my own. :)
i got these at party city.
and what did i say about drinking too much??

 for halftime, i prepared a super bowl sundae bar.
 complete with sprinkles (of course).
 there was a bucket of beer on the back porch.
and yes- if anyone is wondering- that is the same nail polish i put on for my wedding.
(in november)
 lone star.

 rob told me  he would bring over chicken wings.
i, however, did not anticipate the scale of said chicken wings....

do you hear the angel choir?
rob certainly did his part to make it really feel like a super bowl party!

in the end, i had a full recycle bin and a fuller tummy.
ray lewis still thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread,
the nicer harbaugh brother went home with the trophy,
and beyonce is still indescribably beautiful and amazing.

i opened up the box and dug through the results.
though she claims this was entirely a lucky guess that she pulled from thin air-
aubrey was within a single point of the actual final score.

i hope your super bowl was as fun as mine!
next year, cowboys, it's our year!
(even if i've been promising that for the last 15 years)

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