snow pups

last week my little family travelled to deer valley utah.
the documentary my parents have taken part in was showing during sundance,
so we tagged along.
the first day was bright and sunny.
the rest of the days were a blizzard!
 we brought along toby and his cousin bailey.
 they weren't too keen on the whole "snow" thing.
 especially toby...
 so i layered him up in his warm flannel and his puffy vest,
and took him out in the snow for some photos.
he resisted.
 bailey, however, is a snow loving pup.
this is possibly because she blends in completely with the snow,
and feels very at home.
 it was cold on her little feet,
 and she was cautious when walking on uncharted territory.
 little snowy puppy prints:
 toby didn't get what all the fuss was about.
 he just kept getting snowflakes in his eye furs...
 and he was so cold!
after a while, they were both ready to come inside.
 after a warm up by the fire, i decided it was absolutely imperative that i take photos
of toby on the little red sled.
(in his little red vest, of course)
 he was very unsure,
and too much of a fraidy-dog to leap out into the snow.
then bailey arrived on the scene.
toby was kind enough to share his puffy yellow jacket.
but, alas, bailey haaaates clothes.
(note the frustration)
 we plopped them both on the sled.
 and they refused to look at the camera.
 then a squirrel scooted by!
 they sniffed it from afar...
 bailey finally put her paw down,
and refused any further photo shooting.
we are heading back to utah again tomorrow,
and i was so looking forward to bringing toby along again.
but, sadly, toby has injured a disc in his back
and he can't be allowed to jump, play, or fly.
his sweet grandma is going to look after him while we are away.
as of now we think he will recover without surgery-
but keep those fingers crossed!!

until next time-
stay warm!

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