welcome to texas! (franklin barbecue)

shortly after new years, our dear friend craig came in town for a visit and brought along
his girlfriend, jordan, who i had the pleasure of meeting for the first time.
craig was eager to show her a taste of austin, but they only had about 24 hours to spend with us!
how do you see austin in such a short amount of time?
we got this...

first we hung out at my house and then went for appetizers at tacoba. (mexican food)
didn't get a photo there, but we definitely sampled all of their best dishes
and we forced jordan to order a plate of tacos (it's a must in atx).

once the sun went down we rolled over to
they have a lovely little patio where you can order beer and wine
and they have a small selection of appetizers like olives and cheese.
it was super cold outside but the heaters kept us cozy.
 i mentioned to jordan that there was a trailer just up the street that sold
delicious cupcakes. she loved that idea. after a bottle of wine we strolled down
south congress until we got to
hey cupcake is open pretty late,
which is awesome!
we wasted no time and ordered one of each.
so nice to have you in austin, my dear!
then we walked back.
and after a cupcake coma, we all crashed.
the next day

 quick back story:
craig is a lover of barbecue. honestly, love really doesn't do it justice.
jordan is also quite the connoisseur.
her parents are part of an award winning competitive barbecue team.
and the team has restaurants, i believe.
anyway- the girl knows barbecue!
in light of this fact, we decided we all needed to go sample the famed
 as you may know, getting food at franklin's is a bit of an ordeal.
they open at 11 and there is usually a substantial line shortly thereafter.
we got there at noon.
we walked up to a long line and could smell the deliciousness pouring out of the windows.
it was rainy and cold outside but tasty and warm inside.
once franklin's supply starts to dwindle, they give a sign to the last person in line that says
"last man stand'n"
this person is then obliged to explain to anyone behind them
"you aren't guaranteed food past this point. wait at your own risk."
we were the last men stand'n....
just as it started to really drizzle on us, we made it to the porch
(where it is covered)
and soon after we were inside.
 the climate shift is pretty drastic when you walk into franklin's.
it's hot and smells amazing inside.
and there are humans everywhere eating their weight in meaty goodness.
oh and there is lots of big red.
 as we neared the ordering counter, we mapped out our plan of attack.
should we get meat by the pound? or each get a plate?
what about sandwiches??
as you stand in line, they come and offer you beer and such.
craig and andrew said "yes, please."
 at last we decided that everyone would get a plate, but we would all get different things
and share them. it was such a good call.
 the brisket is pretty good but i've never been head over heels for brisket.
apparently it's sinful to go to franklin's and not eat the brisket.
forgive me, father...

i got ribs.

the following images are guaranteed to make you salivate.
if you are reading with someone present that is dieting or a vegetarian, we recommend shielding their eyes
from the remainder of this post.


 the ribs were insane.
and they have whole pickled jalapeƱos!
and the potato salad + slaw is to die for.
 according to craig, big red is mandatory when eating good barbecue.
unfortunately i think big red tasted like disgustingness, so i refrained.
 but i stuck it in the photo for the effect.
 look at those ribs!
they just dissolve off the bone.
i also got pulled pork.
i really can't even relive how good it was,
as i have since started a strict diet.

 oh and there are three different barbecue sauces on the tables.
they are all amazing, but i fancied the one on the left.
apparently we all did since we consumed nearly a whole bottle...
too much bbq for one plate to handle.
i should also mention-
the food got a big thumbs up from our two critics.

amazingly, jordan and craig had to drive back to dallas after this feast!
i'm not sure i could have done it, craig.
the bbq coma would have gotten the better of me.

all said, we waited in line for a smidgen over an hour and it took about an hour to put all that food away. but two hours should hardly be enough to deter you!

craig and jordan, thanks for such a fun 24 hours! i hope your next stay is longer!!
stay warm up there in nyc...

lots of sticky barbecue love from little austin texas!

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