chi town (with a side of ketchup)

i'm getting really excited for my upcoming trip to chicago.
my little sister moved there last summer to join my brother at SAIC.
they are both way cooler than me as well as blow-your-mind-amazing artists.

anyway, in light of my excitement,
i thought i'd catch you up on my last trip to chicago.
(the one i forgot to blog about.. oops)

so back in july my cousin kristen and i decided to take a quick trip to chicago.
kristen follows a blog called design love fest. the writer of this blog is a girl named bri.
she and her friend angela teach a class called "blogshop."
it travels all over teaching girls (and the occasional boy) how to be a better blogger.

now, i know what you're thinking-
"but lindsey, if you went to blogshop last summer, why hasn't your blogging improved?"
get off me, ok?
i'll put all my new techniques to use one day...

we arrived in chicago only to quickly realize that it was just as hot there as in texas.
my sweet brother met us at the train stop near our hotel,
carried our bags and helped us check in,
then took us straight away to one of his favorite spots:

and he introduced us to....
jameson ice cream!!
it's soft serve with jameson inside
(and not a small amount either..)
best thing of my life.
i also sampled a cider that i hadn't tried.
original sin?
it was pretty ok. but i didn't freak out.
next alex took us over to his apartment to check out his new digs.
the stairs there are no joke.
alex's room is dope.
and full of fun toys,
such as these gigantazoid headphones.
alex also gave us a little tour of chi town.
he took us here, where little heather would be moving to soon.
here's her (then) soon to be front door!
alex is the most amazing tour guide.

we saw the bean, but only for a second.
don't go to the bean after dark. they close the park and a grumpy old security guard
comes and yells at you and makes you leave.
so we pressed onward.
back on the blue line.

and back to our little room!
we stayed at an awesome little boutique hotel called
it's very small, quiet, low key, and unique
(and the stairs are quite steep so it's best to travel light)
but it's adorable!
and there is a little salon connected to it that would have been fun
to check out if our trip had been longer.
i wish i had taken more photos of the room!
anyway, the next morning kristen and i woke up early and set off for
our first day at blogshop!
we each got this cute little gift bag full of goodies.
and there were the cutest flower arrangements on the tables.
the little studio we worked in was so adorable.
we learned to make all kinds of cute photoshop things.
and we learned how to make people look better in photos (score).
and we learned how to make gifs!
there was a lot of learning involved.
my brain hurt by the end of it all.
but we had a blast!
after class we met up with alex again.
we took a stroll along the lake and through the park.
and there just happened to be the most magical orchestral performance
taking place in the park!
it was beautiful.
hurray for beautiful chicago!
the gardens there are so amazing.
oh and we stopped back by the bean.
finally alex took us to a brewery in logan square called:
this place is fantastic and i highly recommend the following:
-bacon fat popcorn (oh my)
-duck confit salad (aaaamazing)
-all burgers
-anything on tap

i also had a local cider that blew my mind.
clearly alex was a fan of the burger.
it was a quick trip but every inch of it was perfect!
thank you alex for showing us such a good time in chicago!
and thank you blogshop for teaching us to be better bloggers (someday)
and for making the experience so fun!
here's the crew


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  1. ITS US!! AHHH! And Alex!! He was seriously the best tour guide. I loved that trip SOOOO MUCH! I want to go back right now. Lets do that? Lets go back soon and shop. (Not blogshop.)