2012, we're done with you!

happy new year my friends!
i hope your evening was as fabulous as mine.

i got a new camera for christmas and it's the jam.
i also decided to exclusively use it's black and white setting for new years eve.
it just looks more appropriate, you know?

we decided to do it big this year, and since austin tx is notoriously
short on cabs, we hired a limo for the evening.
first stop:
 uchiko is the sister restaurant of uchi (the famed sushi spot in town).
uchi doesn't really take reservations, but uchiko does. score!
we got a 7:45 res and were seated ridiculously promptly- on new years eve, no less!
 we were all really pumped to get the night started and to sample all of their amazing dishes.
 if you ever make your way to uchiko, i recommend the following dishes:
hama chili
the brussels sprouts
the komaki roll (we got like four of these)
shishito peppers (best thing i've eaten ever)
and the fried chicken
 thanks uchiko!
we loved every second!
next we hopped into the limo and pressed onward to rob and aubrey's
new years eve party...
 of course aubrey had everything planned out so perfectly.
there were hats, blower things, and noise makers.
 and their tree was sparkling gorgeously.
and then we saw the balloons!
get ready guys, this is the cutest idea ever.
we each got a postcard.
on one side aubrey printed "if found, please mail me."
on the other side we addressed it to ourselves and wrote our new years resolutions!
then we stamped them and tied them to the balloons....
some were more practical than others...
rob cooked a meat feast that was to die for.
 and i played with my new camera...
 a lot...

 there was also hot spiked cider that i promptly took two sips out of
and then spilled all down the front of my body.
 it was so nice having my little bro in town.

 yay 2013!


 there were lots of good resolutions.
 aubrey gave us all baggies of pre mixed spices to make mulled cider. yum!
thanks aubrey!!
 thanks rob!
 then we hopped back in the limo and headed to the next party.
 and lindsey brought jello shots... duh.
 at the next party we found a bathtub full of dos equis!
and we found sarah!!
siblings unite.
 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...
 5, 4, 3, 2...
happy new year!!
 my turn!!
 double smooch.
 this was my favorite photo of the night.
 we were lookin' classy!

 finally we rolled over to
(on the east side).
 things were getting fun.
 real fun.

 then my little bro bought us some shots...
 of tequila....
then we went outside where people were shooting off fireworks in the parking lot.
nearby there are train tracks.
johnny said, "get a photo of me on the train tracks!"
i did.
 then errrrrrbody wanted their picture on the train tracks!

super stealth.
 firework smoke.
 sexy lady.

 then, out of the cloud of smoke, came alex.

 back in the limo we went!
and we headed back home to the blue house.
praise the heavens, i stopped taking photos at this point.
toby and i love you all so much!
we hope this year is all you resoluted and imagined it to be!
and, 2013, welcome.
(although i hate prime numbers more than the devil himself,
so you're really going to have to work to impress me.....)

peace and much love!
-lins &and tobe


  1. Love this post!! What a great night.. Glad a few pics did not make the blog :)

  2. I have looked at these pics so many times it is probably wrong. literally the coolest pics I think I have ever seen. I am just obsessed with the camera, the black and white, your photography skills with the smoke and the train. RIDICULOUS. I love every second of it.