binders full of women : halloween 2012

you know this is a catch up blog, since it's about halloween.

halloween was great! and, if i may say, our costume was pretty awesome.

this was aubrey's idea, and haley and i totally jumped on board.
 we made our front and back covers, as well as the spine out of foam board.
aubrey went above and beyond- making metal tabs and rings to look just like a binder.
it surely was not the most comfortable costume of all time, but worth any discomfort.
 clearly, this binder belongs to mitt.
and you can't see aubrey behind her tab.
 we each had a headband with our names.
of course, we used our married names.
 clipboard to look ultra-stereotypically business-y.
 mrs. lerner!
 mrs. braglia!
 and mrs. gill.
 and what was toby, you ask?
he was a topo chico!
 or rather, a
tobe-o chico.
i managed to decorate,
despite overwhelming business.
 tony romo made it to the party!
rob thought this costume was particularly funny,
as we are all cowboy fans.
andrew didn't dress up (shocking!)
but he did grill us a massive pile of kabobs.
they were amazing. 
 oh and lance armstrong stopped by too.
 he and tony are buds.
 then he invited us to all take tequila shots out of his trophies.
after said tequila shots,
the other guests realized that these were not really trophies.
rather, they were tiny plastic toys made in indonesia that were undoubtably
painted with some sort of toxic chemical.
hurray, halloween!
(also- i like how you can see we were trying to watch hocus pocus in the background)
 this nose got passed around.
 tony did a lot of this pose throughout the evening.
 and then mrs. lerner broke her tab.
happy halloween!
sorry for the late-ness.
i'll give you a christmas post soon.

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