welcome to the islands!

hello friends!!
so here we are on our honeymoon!
(i know. you are thinking, "but what about the showers, bachelorette party, and hey- the wedding?!")
yeah i know. i'm behind.
alas, all that craziness has subsequently kept me out of the blog world!
but here i am now with lots of honeymoon stories to tell.

as i type i'm laying in my most beautiful bed,
at parrot cay resort,
in the turks and caicos islands.

toby is not here.
that is definitely the biggest downside of the whole ordeal.
he would totally love it here...

but let's get to the good stuff:
the temperature is in the 80's. there have been slight rain showers here and there, in between bursts of beautiful sunshine.

we arrived monday and it was quite a long day.. andrew was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open (or stand upright). once we arrived in turks and caicos, the travel had only begun! customs and baggage claim was entirely on island time and it was no quick process getting out of that lovely place. next we were driven quite a way down to the dock where we waited on a boat to pick us up. once the boat arrived it was a nearly 40 minute boat ride to parrot cay. once off the boat a golf cart picked us up and drove us 2 1/2 miles (literally- there were markers) in to the resort. all this wouldn't have been so bad if we had been slight more awake, and if it hadn't been nighttime and raining. needless to say, we were very relieved to finally be there.

our room is picture perfect. we have a beautiful (and shockingly comfortable) bed with the netting draped over it. the whole place has beautiful wood floors and big windows that look out toward the beach. the living area is huge and there is a giant white couch that i'm in love with. the whole thing is very inviting. and the sun porch might be my favorite part. it is totally screened in (which is good considering all the little bugs in this part of the world). the doors off the porch are pocket doors and slide all the way into the walls- giving you a totally open air feel. Just outside our sun porch are two lounge chairs and our plunge pool. the plunge pool is chilly! but very refreshing. :)

here is the sun porch:


tuesday morning we awoke to room service delivering our breakfast. they have a green juice on the menu so of course andrew was happy. it was lovely and after a slow morning of chilling, we got our swims on and headed out to the beach.

the beach is beautiful. really really beautiful. crystal clear water! but we were exploring so we kept walking till we found the pool. the pool is also beautiful. it sits right above the beach and the view is unreal. here it is:

what's up infinitaaayyy?!

so we lounged by the pool for an hour or so, and then decided to get some lunch! at lunch it was explained to us that our package includes: an appetizer, a main, and a dessert... at each meal... for each person!  so basically we are going to weight 900 pounds when we return. the food here is really really delicious.

the pool restaurant is very open. the tables have these big couches on one side and big comfy pillows. we sat and ate for like 2.5 hours and just talked and reminisced about our lives together. it was picture perfect.

here we are at the restaurant:

i'll take a picture of the place tomorrow... when i go stuff my face again.

we ordered a caesar salad that was to die for!! it had fresh grilled prawns on top and in the salad there was avocado, mango, corn, bacon, and fresh jalapenos. it was so tasty! andrew asked for extra jalapenos and the guy seemed surprised. then he said "we have other peppers too. like habenero?" andrew told him he wanted those too. our waiter was definitely impressed when both bowls of extra peppers had been cleaned out!

here is that yummy salad I described:

and in the interest of full disclosure, i'll admit:
i ate this both days in a row.
(900 lbs....)

after this long lunch we went and swam in the ocean, and topped off the day with a dip in the plunge pool.

around 4, a golf cart picked us up to take us to the spa for our "indian head massages." the spa is picture perfect. huge glass windows in all the rooms that look off onto the wetlands. there is an outdoor sitting area with big lounge chairs, and a hot tub to enjoy before or after your treatments. magical!

two little thai girls came and found us for our massages and we quickly learned that "indian head massage" means "the greatest thing of your life."  the first half of it you sit in a chair while the tiny girls put every ounce of their 90 lb bodies into your shoulders. it is bordering painful, but good pain. after the chair part, you lay down and they do all this other crazy stuff to your face, head, and neck. andrew fell completely asleep at one point and woke himself up with an epic snore. i dozed off into dreamland and when I woke up and realized it was over, I sat up and remembered where I was. our window was looking out over the water and the clouds were lighting up pinks and purples. it was possibly the most relaxed I've ever been. ever.

we hot-tubbed a bit and then went back and got ready for dinner. we had dinner on a patio up on a hill, where we sat under a gazillion stars (the stars out here are unreal). dinner was divine and the cheap wine was SO EXPENSIVE! but we loved it. and this place we ate at totally reminded us of a poirot film (google it) and we chatted the whole way through about who was about to commit a murder.

luckily no one got murdered, but i saw a few older people give murderous glares to the german/dutch couple who decided to bring their small uncontrollable two year old (named "tom") along on their holiday.
tom is loud, obnoxious, full of squeals, loves the sound of a blender, and has become best friends with every staff member. his parents have a habit of allowing him to run wild, while still following him around and constantly (literally, constantly) saying his name, "tom." "tom! tom? tom!! what are you doing tom? tom, come."
more on that later...
but i'll say, i've had my fill of little blonde headed tom.


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  1. Oh no Tom and Tim's parents. That's too much. Loved that food pic though. Amazingness.