bachelorette bash : india

in light of my blogging absence,
i've found myself with a number of photos and stories that i can't stand to keep from you.
therefore, i plan to sporadically toss in some oldies.
i will denote a post as such with the following graphic:

(because this is a "catch up" post)
(and because it makes me think of french fries)

perhaps i never mentioned this, but i managed to put together a team of awesomeness in the form of my bridesmaids.
these girls like totally tore it up on the wedding front.
they planned me an entirely surprise bachelorette party that was travel themed!
first, i received this invitation in the mail:
it's a boarding pass!
(crafted by our very own kristen barstad of lullaby lubbock)
that literally made my life complete.

i had no idea where we were going, but i was told by shannon (our number one hostess) that i should bring a swimsuit, a "cute" outfit, comfy clothes, and a bohemian outfit.
most of these, for me, are the same thing.
so i got excited.

i woke up early friday morning and drove to dallas.
after a quick trip to my hair salon for a little coloring, i headed to my parents house where the girls were meeting. i ran upstairs to get ready and before i knew it, the house was full of all my favorite females!

once everyone was there, we walked outside and boarded...
the party bus.

of course there was champagne.
(and penis sucker rings)
my cousins were there!
my friends were there!
and we were fully stocked with jello shots.
i was given all of the usual bachelorette attire.
a quick 100 jello shots and four bottles of champagne later,
we arrived at lake granbury!
my aunt and uncle have a house there, and it was technically our destination...
oh but there were so many other places we went!

we were given passports along with amazing goodie bags.
the bags were put together by my mom.
they were so cute!
 inside the beach bags, there was a towel that said "the perfect mix,"
a huge sack of candy,
a water bottle,
and an overnight bag full of the essentials
(soap, shampoo, puffy eye patches, and ADVIL!)
the passports (also by kristen)
told us the rundown of the weekend.
they looked just like real passports!
there was a map, a photo of me, and even stamps!
as you can see, friday night we traveled to india.
the entry had all of our room assignments hanging with these little mini pinatas.
 it was so cute!
i was told to find my room and get ready to go to india.
we were all given bindis (that thing stuck to my forehead) to get us in the spirit of india.
i came outside and found the most beautiful table i've ever seen!
there were bright colors everywhere and candles and flowers!
we were all so excited!
(and slightly feeling the jello shots and champagne)
you can see those big umbrellas in the back.
they were decorated with ribbons and lanterns.
shannon is the party planner above all party planners.
i did a very typical drunk lindsey dance.
they made cups with the logo that said
"around the world with lindsey"
more champagne!
there were menus with all the dinner items,
and then out came dinner.
wow! it was amazing.
shannon had gluten free cupcakes made.
they had little tiny bras and panties on them.
my girls!
then it came time for the lingerie shower.
someone geniusly used a boa as wrapping.
it got passed around.
i was truly showered with amazing gift after amazing gift,
but i'm not going to show you any of them..
then out came the hookah!
and then the night got fuzzy...
it ended up with all of us in the hot tub, and possibly one of us in the ice cold pool...

india was magical!
here it is in the daylight:

**thank you to heather for taking every single photo**

(more on the bachelorette party to come)

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