with a heavy heart, we return to blog world

hello friends,
i'm sure you have noticed that toby and i have been a bit absent from our little blog lately.
it's true, i have been desperately busy-
wedding planning,
moving back to austin,
jon and haley's wedding,
a second acl surgery for toby,
and about a zillion other things.

but the real reason i haven't been back in so long
is because of pain.

last july my sweet, wonderful grandmother lost her battle with leukemia.
she passed away peacefully in her home,
and she left this world with the same elegance that we have always known her for.

she left behind her three grandchildren,
her only daughter,
and her husband of 65 years.

every day since the day we lost her, my heart has felt heavier.
when are we ever ready to say goodbye?

i tried to come back and blog
but it just hurt so much.
she was my number one fan when it came to
toby the dog blog
and she would call me all the time just to tell me how much she enjoyed the photos
or how adorable toby is
or how glad she was that she got to take these journeys with me
through my photos and stories.

her life was a grand adventure.

and i'd like to imagine that all my adventures,
from here on out,
will still be making her smile.

i love you, nanny.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, are you serious? First your moms gift to you and now this post. My little heart can't take it. That picture of your nanny is the reason I love photography so much. It captures beauty, strength, and love in a tangible way to always be remembered.

    The love you have for your grandma is priceless and I'm so glad she was tech savvy enough to follow your blog.

    I love you and this blog and I'm glad you're going to continue to post. I'm sure it would make her happy still the same.

    your number one friend fan