krause springs

a few weeks ago we got to visit our favorite place with our favorite people!

we had a perfect saturday...
it began with seeing this movie.
it was absolutely fantastic, and i suggest very much that you see it
(especially with a bloody mary in hand).
then we went for brunch at la condessa.
love their food;
double love their sangria!
 after a couple pitchers of sangria,
we were ready for a swim!
so we packed up the car and headed to krause springs.
 and here we are!
 we staked out our spots,
cracked some lone stars,
 and blew up the floats.
(truthfully, haley blew up the floats..)
 it was a great day for a swim.
hot hot hot!
but lots of trees to shade us...
 jon and ange threw some frisbee.
and the floats were a great call..
 we sunned,
and watched people (of all sizes) try their luck on the rope swing.
 shortly after this photo,
i commandeered jon's float.
 who knew such beauty could exist in texas?!
you should definitely visit!

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