kaiser wilhelm's new brother otto

perhaps you remember our friends beau and rebecca?
if not, surely you remember their little doggie, kaiser, featured in
i met him at only a few weeks old, and have loved him ever since!
back in the winter, we went over to kaiser's house to meet his new brother, otto.
i took these photos with my phone, because i stupidly forgot my camera.
he was the tiniest little weenie i've ever seen!
toby didn't totally know how to handle it.
last week we went back to kaiser and otto's for a backyard bbq and some swimming!
i was amazed at how big little otto had gotten in just a couple months.

this time i remembered my camera,
but otto wasn't totally keen on sitting still for a picture.

so his daddy plopped him on the wicker table.
otto was trapped!
then kaiser brought out his toy...
but otto was stuck up high... !
he was left with only one option:
eat and destroy the wicker table.
kaiser chuckled.
and continued enjoying his toy.
wag wag wag....
toby doesn't care much for toys, and couldn't see what all the fuss was about.
after dinner, we lounged on the couch.
and otto batted his big puppy eyes at me.
"wait, where are you going, mom?"
toby was happy to have gained a new friend,
even if his new friend liked to chew on his ears.
we love you, little otto!

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