"if you don't hold your tongues, i'll pick you," said alice

last week, we drove to little austin, texas.
we stayed with our old friends, jon and haley,
and their dogs and kitty.

their backyard is huge.  like mega huge.
it has a pond, a trailer in construction, and tons of room for puppies to run.
all the extra rain this year has turned it into a sunflower forest.
it's just the most beautiful sight,
and i had to photograph it to share with you guys.

most things in the yard have been eaten by the sunflowers.
it feels like alice in wonderland!

this is the pond.
look how happy the lilly pads are!

 this oven used to belong in the trailer,
which is now being renovated.

 scrappy ventured in to find a good stick.

 gus came to check it out,
but had to get in a good shake.
 then i found this fuzzy caterpillar hiding under a leaf.
he reminded me of one i had as a pet when i was a little girl.
i used to play with him and pet him and watch him climb around his jar.
but then one day he cocooned himself...
i was very small and had never heard of this.
my mom explained that he would emerge as a butterfly.
"a butterfly?!" i asked in horror,
"who ever heard of a pet butterfly!?!"
then i cried and cried that my caterpillar was gone-
not the least bit impressed with natures miraculous little transformation

hope you are enjoying some summer flowers of your own.
i've got more to share from our week in austin;
see you soon!

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  1. A. Your story of your pet caterpillar is adorable and tragic all at once.

    B. Did I read that right, you're restoring that stove?? If so, that's is amazeballs.

    C. I really don't like this moving to Austin idea.