trees are the answer: earth day

so last weekend my parents, andrew's mom, plus me and ange headed down to fair park to celebrate earth day! we were super excited to see what dallas would churn out- especially since they were boasting it to be the largest earth day celebration in america.

there were quite a few booths with people preaching the earth bible.
trees are the answer!
of course we headed for the wine tasting tent...
and off went my shoes!
(don't mind if i do, sign..)
there's my parentals:
it was hot and sunny!
thanks for really showing up on your special day, earth!
after a couple wines,
we ventured back around the booths.

this was a bee booth.
the guy dressed as a bee was teaching children the importance of the little creatures.
here's a great article, in case you're curious.
honey bees make all our food grow- without them we couldn't survive. and now global warming is throwing them all out of whack! 
if you're super interested, there's a fantastic documentary that ellen page narrated called
(ok, no more bee preaching)
worm preaching, however, will now commence!
this guy was a worm farm expert and he was representing texas worm ranch!
basically, a worm farm is when you keep a bucket of worms (not your run of the mill earth worms, mind you) and toss in your food scraps. the worms eat what you put in, then poop out a kind of fertilizer that is like nature's miracle grow! (miracle grow- minus all the harmful chemicals)
it's the best possible way to compost- and the worms are so friendly.
check it out!
then i saw this little lost lamb.
my heart wept.
as a small child i lost a precious snuggle thing, and i spent the next eight years trying to imagine where he was in the world- cold, sad, and alone. i hope this little one was found!
lastly, we headed down to the amphitheater.
(wine and free sun chips in hand!)
was there!!
the people sharing our table had these beers.
my mom is 100% over the moon obsessed with amos lee.
she was beyond thrilled.
and there's andrew and his mom.
amos played and played and played.
we love you amos!
even more after this day!
(and who knew that was possible??)
all in all i give dallas a c- for their earth day attempt.
in typical dallas fashion, it was way more focused on getting people there and bragging about it's size than actually focusing on what the day is about.
there should have been food trucks handing out samples of sustainable food-
local veggies- real life farmers- gardening tutorials- solar panel sales people- facts about global warming- fundraising!
instead there was a fletchers corn dog stand...
dallas, i can't say i expected any better, but seriously- that was weak.

on the upside- we had a fantastic day and got to see amos lee for free!
i hope your earth day was beautiful and memorable,
and i hope you stopped to think about how marvelous our home planet is.


new travel post : hilo, hawaii

i posted my first blog about our trip to hawaii!

head over to my travel blog and check it out!

see you there!


"because the world was so beautiful & life was so short."

there is nothing that i cherish more,
than to journey across our mother earth,

and to be with the people i love.

when those two things collide-
my heart brims!

meeting challenges,

traveling new roads,

and conquering fears
(however small-

or large they may be).

having you along makes it perfect.

thank you all for making my life so much richer-
this year was another, truly, spectacular one.


ps- i can't wait to post more hawaii pictures!
check back soon for more posts.