this year we got to go to austin for sxsw!
jon and haley invited us to come stay with them for the week,
and it was just so much fun.

i miss little austin so much and i'm counting the seconds till we can move back.

here are a few highlights of the week:
 andrew got a mango-habenero margarita
it was the best thing i've ever sipped!
 go to takoba and try one:
redbridge is gluten free beer.
it is fantastic.
 so happy
 back on 6th street.
 this is jon and haley's friend, justin, from portland.
now he is my friend too.
giant lone stars.
 another day we popped into rachel ray's party at stubbs!
 there were margaritas, music, and food!
 the band was train.
this was during "drops of jupiter."
 back on the streets.
it was st. patricks day (hence all that green).
 thanks for the drinks, rachel ray.
i still dislike your show.
 later we were all starving, and popped into
for some pretzels, beer, and cheese.
you must try this place.  it is so delish...
we ended the day seeing rick ross
rap about "maybach music."
we even saw the guys from workaholics heading into fader fort!
i wish i was friends with them...

it was a great sxsw!

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