black to brown


last year i died my hair black.
there i am in my christmas pajams.
honestly i only did this because the drug store ran out of my "darkest brown" usual color.
had i known what a commitment i was making, i might have rethought it.

i decided i wanted to go back.
i asked around and polled facebook in search of a salon to go to.
this only resulted in eight thousand salons swirling around my memory bank.
so i blew it off until my horrendous real hair color was bursting forth in a great lightness.

[no photo available due to careful camera avoidance]

finally it was just too embarrassing.
so i blindly picked a salon:
luckily i didn't judge it by the sign!
rather, i trusted a girl from my boot camp.

who let you pick that font?
it looks much more like an ice cream store than a salon.
luckily- your staff is unbelievable.

so i made an appointment and stressed how bad my hair's current state was.
i rolled up the next day and met jesus celso. he is amazing and handsome and friendly and really good at hair! 
i ask, "can you make my hair brown again?"
he answers, "i absolutely cannot."
(i make sad face)
i beg, we discuss, and he agrees to give it a shot.

round one:
color strip juice
that isn't the official name, but you get it.
and here's what was left after rinsing it out...
 carrot color!
 round two:
letting my hair bake for 20 minutes after putting more strip juice in it
 round three:
some other magical liquid that began coaxing my hair back toward brown.
though much of it resisted.
 round four:
die the middle part medium brown color
round five:
die the roots a light brown color
round six:
 4 hours and 15 minutes later,
my scalp felt like it had been microwaved.
but - thanks to puerto rican jesus celso the color genius - i am a brunette once more!

what i learned:
once you go black, it is really really really hard to go back!

hope you enjoyed my hair journey.

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  1. i LOVE your new hair!! and this post and I can't wait to see it in person!!