this year we got to go to austin for sxsw!
jon and haley invited us to come stay with them for the week,
and it was just so much fun.

i miss little austin so much and i'm counting the seconds till we can move back.

here are a few highlights of the week:
 andrew got a mango-habenero margarita
it was the best thing i've ever sipped!
 go to takoba and try one:
redbridge is gluten free beer.
it is fantastic.
 so happy
 back on 6th street.
 this is jon and haley's friend, justin, from portland.
now he is my friend too.
giant lone stars.
 another day we popped into rachel ray's party at stubbs!
 there were margaritas, music, and food!
 the band was train.
this was during "drops of jupiter."
 back on the streets.
it was st. patricks day (hence all that green).
 thanks for the drinks, rachel ray.
i still dislike your show.
 later we were all starving, and popped into
for some pretzels, beer, and cheese.
you must try this place.  it is so delish...
we ended the day seeing rick ross
rap about "maybach music."
we even saw the guys from workaholics heading into fader fort!
i wish i was friends with them...

it was a great sxsw!

ke'ohana three days

a couple weeks ago we got some of our favorite people together out at the lake.

there was a crawfish boil!

it was a 100% success
we ate 9 out of 10 pounds...
i call it a victory.
it was freezing and rainy all weekend, but we did get one nice sunset:
jon made bacon
and burned himself.
bloody mary?
toby helped jon with some crosswords.
andrew and patrick grilled massive steaks.
i made brussel sprouts.
and asparagus...
(toby's favorite)
he got bites.
it was a good place for a modelo.

good times, my friends.


black to brown


last year i died my hair black.
there i am in my christmas pajams.
honestly i only did this because the drug store ran out of my "darkest brown" usual color.
had i known what a commitment i was making, i might have rethought it.

i decided i wanted to go back.
i asked around and polled facebook in search of a salon to go to.
this only resulted in eight thousand salons swirling around my memory bank.
so i blew it off until my horrendous real hair color was bursting forth in a great lightness.

[no photo available due to careful camera avoidance]

finally it was just too embarrassing.
so i blindly picked a salon:
luckily i didn't judge it by the sign!
rather, i trusted a girl from my boot camp.

who let you pick that font?
it looks much more like an ice cream store than a salon.
luckily- your staff is unbelievable.

so i made an appointment and stressed how bad my hair's current state was.
i rolled up the next day and met jesus celso. he is amazing and handsome and friendly and really good at hair! 
i ask, "can you make my hair brown again?"
he answers, "i absolutely cannot."
(i make sad face)
i beg, we discuss, and he agrees to give it a shot.

round one:
color strip juice
that isn't the official name, but you get it.
and here's what was left after rinsing it out...
 carrot color!
 round two:
letting my hair bake for 20 minutes after putting more strip juice in it
 round three:
some other magical liquid that began coaxing my hair back toward brown.
though much of it resisted.
 round four:
die the middle part medium brown color
round five:
die the roots a light brown color
round six:
 4 hours and 15 minutes later,
my scalp felt like it had been microwaved.
but - thanks to puerto rican jesus celso the color genius - i am a brunette once more!

what i learned:
once you go black, it is really really really hard to go back!

hope you enjoyed my hair journey.


spring break at the lake

one of the best things about being a teacher is:
you get spring break as an adult!

andrew's parents had spring break last week and we celebrated by going out to the lake.
we had insane amounts of fun.
dinky loves the lake and she played so hard every day, she was asleep before the sun went down.
 toby finally got a haircut.
 so he was feeling very lake-ready.
no swimming, but he agreed to at least sit on the towel.
 we had a bloody mary or two.
and spent a lot of time in the hot tub!
and we had the most perfect weather.
warm during the day and cold at night!
and perfect sunsets.
 we cooked every meal and each one was better than the last
(thanks to andrew's chef skills).
 one afternoon we took the golf carts around and checked out our wedding spot.
everyone is getting excited!
 toby spent a considerable amount of time on the couch-
thanks nan and stu for making spring break so fun!
we had a blast!

ps- heather is home from brazil- safe and sound.
maybe i can get her to guest post some pics on the travel blog??