a lot of outside

where have you been?? (you ask)
i'll show you

last weekend i got to tag along on heather's senior portrait shoot.
it was so nice for her to finally be the one photographed!
she is so beautiful but it's always hidden behind the camera...
did the photos and i just know they are going to be amazing.
she had the best attitude and enthusiasm the whole shoot. it made for such a fun day!
i will show you some of heather once we get 'em back.
for now, jenny posted this one of both of us on her blog.
it made me so happy! i love my sister to the moon and back!
 and speaking of heather,
we bid her farewell this week as she and her bff chloe (left) set off to see the amazon!
they are going on a service trip to brazil with their school.
i am so jealous i can't even stand it.
miss you already, girls!
 i don't know about the rest of america, but texas has had some damn good weather lately.
it's cool in the shade, hot in the sun, blue skies and white clouds.
we took advantage of it this week by having a picnic in the park!
we picked up jason's deli (now serving gluten free sandwiches! woot!) and headed off with tobe and a blanket.  i even shared some of my bacon with toby.
munch munch munch...
 but it's never enough with toby and food.
 toby also had to go see the doctor this week.
he didn't enjoy it much,
but at least we have a healthy pup on our hands!
 speaking of that, he is doing really good with his leg recovery!
walking on all four legs again and his leg hair may even grow back someday..

i felt so bad for him after the surgery, i couldn't stand putting him through a haircut too.
so we put it off.. and put it off.. and put it off some more....
and now the little man has turned into an ewok.

i hope you are getting a chance to enjoy the best part of texas seasons!
hopefully we will see you again soon,
but a little less shaggy..


  1. photo of you and Heather absolutely beautiful!!

  2. The picture of you and Heather is insane!! So pretty.