hugs and puppy kisses

lots of love to all my valentines!
toby is still embarrassed about his shavey leg...
he's been in the hood a lot lately.
andrew and i celebrated valentines a day early, since we are busy on tuesday night.
so tonight we went india palace for dinner.
the food was amazing and andrew gave me this badass ring!
(it's a snake)
 and i gave andrew this:
a bag full of socks and underwear.
(since he has a real problem with losing his- where he is losing them too is still a mystery)
 i attached each with a note of reasons i love him.
 and i got him some new kicks!
 toby got a few extra puppy treats;
and, of course, his valentines day hoodie.
despite being a boy dog, one of toby's favorite blankets is pink. 
i hope everyone feels loved this valentines day.
we love you!

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  1. love the socks, undies and kicks with the notes! you are so thoughtful and sweet! hugs toby!!