a get well soon blanket

thank you to everyone that expressed such concern for little tobe!
his recovery has gone very well and he will be back to normal in no time!

he still hates that cone though..
he hates the scratchy sound that it makes against his ears the most.
so i covered it in an old tshirt.
this greatly improved the situation.
 now, i'm not much of a crafter or a diy type of girl.
however, i wanted to make toby a little get well soon present!
i went to joann's and picked out the softest fabric they had (that also happened to be slightly expensive).

the woman cutting the fabric kept asking questions about who the blankets were for,
and i kept giving vague answers that sounded like they were probably for human babies.
at last she had me in a corner with "are they twins?" and "are they related to you?"
and i broke down.  "to be perfectly honest," i said reluctantly, "they are for dogs.."

her reaction:
"ohhhhhh weeeeee!!  i aint nevah heard of a dog gettin' spoiled like that!  these must be some pampered little puppies!  they gettin' nicer blankets than i got on mah bed at home!!!"
(screaming these things)

i sigh heavily and mumble something about dogs being children too,
and purchase my fuzzy fabrics.
i made a pink one and a blue one
(for toby and his cousin low ryder the weenie dog- who also had surgery recently)
both are whale print and both have brown backs.
 i am no martha stewart with a sewing machine, but the fuzzy fabric hides all most of the mistakes.
then i cut out a little puppy to go on each one
(toby isn't really a dog with an obvious silhouette so this is what i came up with):
i sewed on the little puppies while toby watched anxiously.
 ta da!
 here is low ryder's blanket:
 toby has been seriously loving his present!
 like it's his new favorite thing in the house.
 and it relieves some of the stress of the cone...
now let the super bowl countdown begin!!


  1. I hope your little mate will be in a good condition right now, must be totally fine.

  2. i love that!! that is just SO SWEET Lins!! so sweet!! poor toby. Gosh, how much longer do we have to deal with the cone of shame?? that thing is terrible!!