the puppy hospital: toby wears the cone of shame

so, toby tore his acl.
after a week of limping, we took him to see dr. bob and he confirmed that toby needed surgery.
his tiny little knee was repaired last thursday.

i can't even imagine how surgery on a knee this small is possible...
but it all went incredibly smoothly!

we brought the little pup home in a big cast.
 this cone has caused a considerable amount of anxiety for the little man.
i endeavored to put fabric around it and make it more comfortable, but he's still not happy.
 the cone has to stay on (unless we are holding him) for two weeks.
this will be a long two weeks.

how sad is this??

 andrew and i are keeping him comfy and giving him lost of attention and treats.
 get well soon, little toby!

we'll keep you updated.

mountains of love and thank you's to dr. barstad!! you are a puppy hero!


  1. POOR TOBY! I'm glad they were able to find what was wrong with him! Hope to see you guys soon!

  2. Oh sweet Toby! This makes me so sad! Love Dr. Bob and so happy Toby will not limp anymore. Get better soon Toby!

  3. wow, he is sooo cute. When do I get to meet this little guy?

  4. that is the saddest thing I have ever seen!! that cast is killing me!!! oh poor toby!! get well soon!!!!!

  5. Oh no, poor lil Toby! We have a baby Yorkie and I can't imagine her in this condition... it's so sad and pitiful. :( Thanks for sharing all these adorable pics. You made it into Google Image Search for "get well soon puppies". That's how I found your sweet page. :)