the puppy hospital: toby wears the cone of shame

so, toby tore his acl.
after a week of limping, we took him to see dr. bob and he confirmed that toby needed surgery.
his tiny little knee was repaired last thursday.

i can't even imagine how surgery on a knee this small is possible...
but it all went incredibly smoothly!

we brought the little pup home in a big cast.
 this cone has caused a considerable amount of anxiety for the little man.
i endeavored to put fabric around it and make it more comfortable, but he's still not happy.
 the cone has to stay on (unless we are holding him) for two weeks.
this will be a long two weeks.

how sad is this??

 andrew and i are keeping him comfy and giving him lost of attention and treats.
 get well soon, little toby!

we'll keep you updated.

mountains of love and thank you's to dr. barstad!! you are a puppy hero!


we seriously sundanced

we are back from sundance!
and it was all kinds of fun...

of course, i made shirts...
"sundance 2012
may all of our pain be champagne"
unfortunately we arrived on national popcorn day...
and we didn't want this 3 foot popcorn bin to feel unappreciated.
he's sexy and he knows it.
 the next morning, i cooked bacon and eggs.
 and then we skied!
 despite the blizzard-ish weather and thick fog.
 those are my skis!
 then came the clouds...
 that almost hid andrew.
we moved to higher ground,
ditched the clouds,
 and found the most amazing view!
 at last we found the rest of the crew!
 here are some of our boys:
 that night for dinner, shannon baked cornbread to go with our turkey chili!
 but andrew stuck to salad.
 i mixed up some some booze
and our dj mixed up some tunes.
 and brandon built the most amazing fire!
(always log cabin- never teepee)
 there might have been a bit of a dance party?
(no photo evidence)
 the next morning,
we were greeted with masses of snow.
 and more and more and more snow!
 we spent a little time on the couch,
 and built some more fires.
 i made breakfast burritos.
while the brave skiers set out for the slopes,
the rest of us set out for the grocery store.

it was a near blizzard!
small cars were sliding away all around us,
and we were happy to have four wheel drive.
 after our excursions,
the boys did some serious hot tubbing...
and some got snowed.
 snowball war!
(vs. the snow on the roof)
 but not to worry,
they held on the the "party in a box."
 the mountains were definitely blue.
 all our skis at rest:
 the steps were piled with snow!
 after piling nine deep in a van with five.five seats,
walking in heels and dresses through slush and snow,
and almost slipping on icy main street,
we arrived at dinner!

here are the ladies:
 there was food, a loud dj, mid dining room dance parties, beverages, lots of drunk fifty somethings from los angeles, and more man turtlenecks than i ever expected in one room.
the whole ordeal was worth it for the people watching.
 i got baby octopus to start,
and the goose leg for my main.
unfortunately, i gobbled up my main too fast to even take a picture (it was so good).
 at last we arrived at our party
with dj questlove!
there were seriously a lot of glowsticks...
 and everyone was ready for a dance party!
and so began an epic evening. 
 again, the ladies:
seriously dance party...

at last,
we bid the party adieu...
 and found our 5.5 man van.
 despite only sleeping a mere four hours, i awoke to cook pancakes the next morning.
 there were banana pancakes (yes i played the jack johnson song),
and there were strawberry cheesecake pancakes (and no those are not healthy).
 with pancakes in our bellies
and sun in the skies...
 we set off on the sundance lodge crawl!
 in light of all the fresh snow,
skiing was quite a challenge.
 but we didn't let it slow us down.
 not a bit!
 roamer only claimed one casualty this year...
 and somehow jansen ended up alone on a lift
(even though we were the only people in line).
 the first stop of our lodge crawl was
the gondola grille.
we were tired, but pushed through the pain of the early morning
to keep the lodge crawl tradition alive.
 and bg wore a ski mask that doubles as a bank robbing mask.
 shannie tried to drink red bull with mittens.
 gondola grille has the best view.
 reflective goggle pic take two:
 sup boys!
 lodge crawl stop number two.
 we got burgers and fries,
 and some people claimed that the halberts/gills might just enjoy heartburn...
 and no deer valley lodge stop is complete without a little turkey chili.
don't worry, we all wore our shirts.
 on our way to the next stop, andrew took a bit of a massive jump.
he underestimated his distance and landed in an unbelievable amount of powder.
one of his skis flew off into the snow and half the party was recruited in the search.
 there were few survivors:
 once the ski was found, 
we sat in the snow remembering what andrew looked like tumbling head over skis.
 back on our skis, we went up to the top and got a group pic.
 i tried to get a photo of patrick...
 but he was too fast.
 what a view!
 on our final run of the day,
andrew, patrick, and oj decided to attempt one of the harder runs in existence:
 can you see them??
 i chose an easier path...
 at last we arrived at our final lodge,
and i got a gluten free cookie (yum) to go with my beverage.
 it was seriously the most beautiful day of all time.
 for our last night together,
andrew cooked a spaghetti feast!
 that was greatly anticipated.
 i made some shrimp poppers.
it was a lovely ending.
 lemon snow cones?
before we left utah,
we had to stop in salt lake for some crown burgers...

though i had to enjoy mine sans the bun,
i can almost guarantee that they are as amazing as man vs. food says they are.

thank you for each person that played a part
in this trip being the most fun weekend ever!

seriously sundance? seriously.