toby joins a gym

last week i woke up late for my a.m. workout.  i scrambled around as fast as i could,
but still had no time to take out toby!
my only option was to let him tag along to the gym...

he was confused, but sat so patiently and watched us.
we were in such a hurry, i didn't have time to change tobe out of his jammies!
he was so embarrassed..
 i tried to teach him how to pump iron,
 but the weights were too heavy.
 he refused to try crunches.
 and the green band was too big for his small arms.
 however, he did master the ball.
 look at his puppy balance!!
come join us at camp dave fit!!


  1. ummmmm, its official. tobes is the most talented and adorable dog I have ever seen. and such an athlete. he does have a wedding to get ready for...

  2. I wanna come join you guys and Toby at camp dave fit!!!