ice ice baby

every year, around winter time, there is discussion about wanting to go see the
ice sculpture exhibit at the gaylord hotel.

we often don't make it, out of fear of the crowds.

this year, we decided to get sneaky and scoot out there before all the masses-
we went in the morning!

upon arrival, you are asked to watch a short video explaining the ice sculpting process.
we were five of 13 in a room meant for 300...
*wipes brow*
(so the lines can get long)

they pass out big puffy coats to keep you warm in the 3 degree room.
looking super fly in our ten pound parkas,
we entered...
 this year was shrek themed (which i wasn't totally thrilled about).
it turned out to be cute(ish).
at one point there are ice slides!  i was too afraid to try these...
 shrek and donkey:
(keep in mind that this is all ice)
 this room had ice walls!
 and an ice turkey dinner!
 and a happy little christmas tree!
(still ice)
 this room was my favorite because it had the dragon...
 we weren't necessarily lingering...
after all, it was three degrees!
(thinking of how much energy is required to keep the rooms this cold, 
stabbed me in my little green heart)
 the three little pigs:
 as much as i loved the colored ice, the clear ice is far more twinkly and magical.
at the end, there was a huge nativity scene.
 linda hung out with this angel:
 my favorite part was the sheep/cow with their ice fur.
 another check off my list of holiday activities!

as soon as i was warm, i met my girlfriends for christmas lunch at neimans
and, after a huge and decadent lunch, we shared these tiny desserts.
perfect topper to a lovely day!
hope you are doing plenty of holiday activities!
now wish me luck as i battle the shopping crowds...

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  1. I have never been to that exhibit! ...LOVE the close up pic of the dragon and her eyelashes! And those desserts look delicious!