here comes a new year

on the heels of an early morning upset tummy, toby and i contemplated our
new years resolutions this morning over coffee.

last year my resolution lasted about three months (which i believe was my all time record).

this year one of my resolutions will be to keep my resolutions...

toby resolves to do the following in 2012:
-not eat chocolate (or licorice or candy corn or protein bars or trash)
-remember that pigeons are animals too and deserve at least a smidgen of respect
-not growl or bark or bite at small children
-make peace with delivery men (even the ups man)
-chew food before swallowing it
-make friends with a cat (unless it scratches again, then all bets are off)

 i resolve to do the following in 2012:
-fly to somewhere i've never been
-read more books
-be more open minded
-eat more spinach and less processed food
-thank people more often
-write (i'm a happier person when i'm writing often)
-stay informed
-take better care of our earth

thank you to everyone that made my 2011 so spectacular!
i am quite sure that 2012 will a whole new whirlwind of fun!

many laughs and much love to you this year!
*toby sends you a kiss at midnight*

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