here comes a new year

on the heels of an early morning upset tummy, toby and i contemplated our
new years resolutions this morning over coffee.

last year my resolution lasted about three months (which i believe was my all time record).

this year one of my resolutions will be to keep my resolutions...

toby resolves to do the following in 2012:
-not eat chocolate (or licorice or candy corn or protein bars or trash)
-remember that pigeons are animals too and deserve at least a smidgen of respect
-not growl or bark or bite at small children
-make peace with delivery men (even the ups man)
-chew food before swallowing it
-make friends with a cat (unless it scratches again, then all bets are off)

 i resolve to do the following in 2012:
-fly to somewhere i've never been
-read more books
-be more open minded
-eat more spinach and less processed food
-thank people more often
-write (i'm a happier person when i'm writing often)
-stay informed
-take better care of our earth

thank you to everyone that made my 2011 so spectacular!
i am quite sure that 2012 will a whole new whirlwind of fun!

many laughs and much love to you this year!
*toby sends you a kiss at midnight*


put on your yalmulka, here comes hanukkah

happy hanukkah!
 we have been celebrating christmas,
but we didn't want you to think we forgot chanukah!
 toby is all about holidays, especially if they mean presents...
 sure, a new sweater wasn't really what he was hoping for, but a present none the less.
now lets rest up for new years!
"so drink your gin-and-tonic-ah, and smoke your mara-juanic-ah, 
if you really, really wanna-kah, [hope you had] a happy, happy, happy, happy 
hanukkah! . happy hanukka!"


ice ice baby

every year, around winter time, there is discussion about wanting to go see the
ice sculpture exhibit at the gaylord hotel.

we often don't make it, out of fear of the crowds.

this year, we decided to get sneaky and scoot out there before all the masses-
we went in the morning!

upon arrival, you are asked to watch a short video explaining the ice sculpting process.
we were five of 13 in a room meant for 300...
*wipes brow*
(so the lines can get long)

they pass out big puffy coats to keep you warm in the 3 degree room.
looking super fly in our ten pound parkas,
we entered...
 this year was shrek themed (which i wasn't totally thrilled about).
it turned out to be cute(ish).
at one point there are ice slides!  i was too afraid to try these...
 shrek and donkey:
(keep in mind that this is all ice)
 this room had ice walls!
 and an ice turkey dinner!
 and a happy little christmas tree!
(still ice)
 this room was my favorite because it had the dragon...
 we weren't necessarily lingering...
after all, it was three degrees!
(thinking of how much energy is required to keep the rooms this cold, 
stabbed me in my little green heart)
 the three little pigs:
 as much as i loved the colored ice, the clear ice is far more twinkly and magical.
at the end, there was a huge nativity scene.
 linda hung out with this angel:
 my favorite part was the sheep/cow with their ice fur.
 another check off my list of holiday activities!

as soon as i was warm, i met my girlfriends for christmas lunch at neimans
and, after a huge and decadent lunch, we shared these tiny desserts.
perfect topper to a lovely day!
hope you are doing plenty of holiday activities!
now wish me luck as i battle the shopping crowds...

because maybe your dog needs more hair?

i know we all have holiday parties galore, and who doesn't want to look stylish?

well, i found this website where you can get custom doggy wigs.

i was not searching out of a need for my own dog wig, mind you, i just stumbled.

anywho, you must look at these:
totally rock and roll
 maybe to dress things up a bit?
and, of course, a pink wig (totally ready to party).

just to clarify:
i think this is the most insane thing i've ever seen, and, in no way, do i condone dog wig purchasing.

i would also like to point out that toby is cuter than these models...
but might be interested in in getting pink wig's number.



toby joins a gym

last week i woke up late for my a.m. workout.  i scrambled around as fast as i could,
but still had no time to take out toby!
my only option was to let him tag along to the gym...

he was confused, but sat so patiently and watched us.
we were in such a hurry, i didn't have time to change tobe out of his jammies!
he was so embarrassed..
 i tried to teach him how to pump iron,
 but the weights were too heavy.
 he refused to try crunches.
 and the green band was too big for his small arms.
 however, he did master the ball.
 look at his puppy balance!!
come join us at camp dave fit!!


i need your help...

i'd like to poll the audience on this one...

is tim burtons
nightmare before christmas

a christmas movie
or a
halloween movie?

as you might guess,
i have a very definite opinion on this subject.

as you might also guess,
andrew and i have been debating the issue.

help us put this to rest.

comment your thoughts.


"if your watching a parade, be sure and stay in one spot. if you follow it, it will never change."

last weekend was the annual holiday parade in downtown dallas!
i was excited (of course i was!) so we headed out early to get decent spots.
(by early i mean 20 minutes and by decent spots i mean behind a huge crowd of vertically challenged moms)

the first things down commerce street were these christmas lights.
i was amused and imagined what the parade was like from their perspective.
 suddenly i glanced down the way and saw jay jay the jet plane
(is that his name?)
flying my way!
all the kiddos got excited.
 he was clearly excited to be there.
 and so were we!
andrew was rocking his hipster goggles and i was coat-less, shivering and kicking myself for thinking it wouldn't be that cold.
 i personally thought old macdonald was a little bit creepy.
 then came llamas!
i love llamas.  they are the funniest animal.
and though they do somewhat remind me of horses, i have no beef with a llama.
 i have no idea who this is.
 but she was trying to escape.
that little intersection (where we were standing) made a perfect tunnel for the wind, and it was a blustery day.
 look- a wild thing!
 and how could a parade ever make any sense at all without
star wars??
 lord vader waved to all his fans (clearly all members of the galactic empire).
 this fire engine came all the way from abilene!
 i liked seeing the guys from far away.  doesn't it look like a godzilla-sized bob the builder is rolling down commerce?
 bob was well behaved.
 this is a bat.
 i liked that this float was being towed by a small package.
and that a man was driving the package.
 and i liked these dancing snowmen snowpeople.
 so then these ornaments showed up.
a guy in the middle held it in place,
while the people around the outside ran in a circle as fast as they could to make the ornaments spin.
unfortunately, no one told these people that the ornaments are round,
and it didn't even look like they were moving.
but these people definitely got a workout!
 then rolled in elmo.
he was huge, and the wind was getting windy.
 he attacked his rope holders,
but hung on to the fishbowl.
 look at that tiny little pony!
 sick, horses.
 i think this is jordin sparks.
i didn't know who that was still don't know who that is.
but apparently she is a little baby when it comes to cold weather.
so these people roll up holding a banner that says "please welcome jordin sparks!"
children applaud and scream wildly.
then a huge float rolls by...
with nobody on it.

then, like three minutes later, a mercedes shows up with a girl half sticking out of the sun roof.
someone next to me shouted a joke about keeping her heels off the leather.
i laughed.
 that yellow one is called "mellow yellow"
and i like that.
 these people had bubbles.
 toby hates parades.
they involve too many children and loud noises.
plus it was cold.
("ugh..." sighed toby)
 there's a nutcracker:
 toby definitely perked up when he saw clifford (the big red dog).
 then a whole bunch of dogs came by!
toby got a little jealous...
 family parade photo!
 look!  it's "give a mouse a cookie!"
(if you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass of milk to go with it...)
 just a box.
 then santa!
 the parade was great and totally got me in the holiday spirit!
afterwards we were trampled by a mob of strollers, moms, and 5-7 year olds racing for the neimans play tunnels.  we barely escaped with our lives.

but once we did, we went for a drink at pho colonial.
 how much do you love december?!

love y'all!