welcoming the holidays

like i said, downtown dallas is the place to be to soak up the holiday spirit!
saturday night, we went out to see the sights.
toby took full advantage of all the snacking.  he perked up his ears, put on the puppy dog eyes, and begged his hardest.
 the big tree in the park was waiting patiently to be lit.
 there was a pair of stilted soldiers:
 and main street was all blocked off.
 these giant colored balls are hanging over each intersection:
 and neimans looks an awful lot like a toy store.
everything is twinkling!
 and the trees are stuffed full with these tube-y lights.  the light falls from the top to bottom of the tube and makes it look like the trees are raining light!  so beautiful...
 neimans has three huge twinkly christmas trees.
when it was time for tree lighting, we gathered near the park.
and there were surprise fireworks!
 the tree lit up and twinkled along with the music.
 we turned back down main street..
 and on came the parade!
santa was there in a really cool car:
 and then came the band!
 it was the hardin-simmons cowboy band!
(they are from abilene, tx- my birthplace)
 i live in that building on the left.
 and, finally, i must show you the amazing neiman marcus display!
the whole thing is this gigantic web of tunnels for little children to climb through.
 they wind around through the display windows,
and each one has a new scene.
 they are all so extravagant and detailed- you can stare at them for hours!
this one is the little cookie factory with floating butterflies all around.
 this one is red and full of gifts wrapped with red ribbons.
 how fun do those tunnels look??
 this window was my favorite.  i love gold decorations and this one was covered in it.
 you really need to come see these for yourself, if you get the chance.
 and here is the exit!
 everyone was gathered around and the line was almost a block long!
 everyone was loving it.
it was a fantastic way to kick off the holiday season!
now on to thanksgiving!!

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