puppy costume contest winners

big thank you to everyone that sent me puppy costume pictures!!

there were so many great ones, but these are the top four:

low ryder:
the squirrel

i have never seen a dog hate anything as much as low ryder hates this squirrel costume.
every time i saw her last week, she was finding
creative ways to destroy the squirrel costume.
thanks for putting up with us, ryder!

 this is little sadie:
a jack-o-lantern

she is not a huge fan of dog costumes, either.
but despite her distaste for the pumpkin suit, she is insanely adorable!
love you sadie- thanks for sharing your cute-ness!
and here's bailey:
a pumpkin

though she is also a pumpkin, her hat was more troublesome than sadie's.
bailey, you look cute no matter what hat.
thanks for posing- you look like a cotton ball pumpkin.

now without further ado, the winner of this year's costume contest......


you were our only big dog in the contest!
and it appears big dogs are just as opposed to costumes as little dogs..

however you do look very handsome has a elephant!

and allison, don't think it escaped my attention that you painted pumpkins in
colors that coordinated with the costume!
you are the cutest! 

so with a big thanks to
                   lullaby lubbock 's
allison and her pup dignan!

y'all will be receiving your puppy prize very soon!

thanks to all the participants!
much love to all,

and may all the year be as fun as halloween!


  1. For real?! Woohoo! I can't believe the big eared elephant beat the cute cottonball pumpkin! Dignan will be SO excited!!!! I love all the costumes! You are so fun for doing this contest. We loved being apart of it! Yay for Dignan!

  2. w/e.....bailey is the obvious winner here.....................

    jk dignan is so cute :)