occupy the bowl

guys, i gotta get something off my chest.
i know this isn't a political platform... but i need to voice a very serious problem
in the small dog community.


big dogs get big bowls.
small dogs get small bowls.

this is totally unfair.
 did someone say breakfast???
 false alarm...
this inequality will not stand...

we will not be silenced.


lindsey, here.
don't feel too bad for him- he got special thanksgiving food all last week.

and yes, that is an ipad app that lets you make "cardboard" protest signs.
and yes, i see the irony.

hope everyone's thanksgiving was full of pie and stuffing.
there was way too much "stuffing" at my house..


  1. bahahahah! I LOVE everything about this!! ahhahha! oh tobe. i love you.

  2. "and yes, i see the irony."
    you're hilarious.