a little ketchup

clearly i'm a little behind on blogging.  luckily the holidays are rapidly approaching
so i'll have plenty to share with you!

for now, i'll catch you up on the last two weeks via phone pictures.

a couple weekends ago we (me, andrew, heather, and parents)
flew to chicago to visit my bro!  we took a flight at the crack of dawn,
and arrived in chicago just in time for the most beautiful day in history!
 after a day of wandering around the city, seeing the sights, and eating
some fantastic food, we headed down to the gallery where alex's show was.
my brother is an unbelievably talented person, and, among many other things, he
creates a type of film/performance art called "glitch."
we got to see him and his friends perform while we were there and it was totally amazing
and entertaining.  i was so so proud of my little bro!
 we had another early flight home.
this afforded us an unbelievable view of the city in the sunrise!
what a wonderful city that is...
 once back home, fall has been showing up left and right.
the air got nippy and my floors got cold.
 at last, sweatshirt weather has arrived!
 a foggy day is my favorite day,
 but a little sun can be nice too!
 needless to say, we've spent a lot of time on the roof lately- soaking up the lovely fall.
 my cowboys had a big win last week.  lets keep our fingers crossed that it continues.
 and i've been in the gym every day this month (pats self on back).
camp dave fit (below) is helping me get wedding ready!
i haven't lost any pounds yet, but definitely some inches.  i'll keep you posted.
for now i'm assuring myself that you have to build muscle to burn fat...
 andrew sent me this while biking over from bishop arts.
how i love a rainy day!
 these little guys undoubtedly agree with me:
 and toby refuses to leave the bed when it rains.
 downtown dallas has been bustling with excitement!
tonight they are unveiling this year's christmas display at neimans, and
lighting the tree in the park.
if you live and dallas and want to join in the festivities, come to the main street garden
at 6:00 pm! (saturday, november 19)
 yesterday my mom and i got to drive out to the lake together to pick out wedding spots.
it was so fun and now i'm all pumped up!
 imagine this huge tree surrounded in picnic tables and lanterns, dripping with candles and flowers!
i am so freaking excited.
 alas, i awoke to a bit of a cold this morning,
so i'm sipping tea and watching some of my favorite movies.
i'm sure i'll be better in no time!
so nice to see you again!
i'll be back soon, i promise!

oh my goodness, i'm already salivating at the thought of thanksgiving...

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  1. i am so excited about the lake wedding!!! i love it! and i love all the pics of the city oh my gosh. and alex is so talented!! i love that y'all got to see his show! love it. miss you.