the texas state fair: where worlds collide

at last! the state fair of texas is here!
andrew and i went on opening day with his parents. we had every intention of making the most of our day. first stop? brisket tacos and beers of the world!
the tacos were divine.
 andrew had an ipa.
 i had a pear cider.
 we passed the tacos around the table and everyone made yummy noises.
 and we bought tickets. (or coupons? whatever.)
 cheers to state fair 2011!
 the next stop was the dollar dog. and i made the boys pose with the giant dog.
 the dogs:
 to andrew's dismay, he discovered that the dogs are only a dollar if you don't get a bun...
but who doesn't get a bun??
 dual finger lick:
 next stop- big tex!
it always amazes me how long people stand and admire tex.
i mean, he looks great, but that couple on the left stood there for like 10 minutes.
 and there we are
(along with our overweight old lady sunglass wearing photo-bomber).
 cotton candy as far as the eye can see...
(still regretting not getting a sack)
 then andrew arrived with corny dogs for all!
 it's not really the state fair of texas unless there are corny dogs.
 here are my good looking soon-to-be in-laws enjoying their dogs:
 once we were all sufficiently stuffed and felt like vomiting, we pressed on toward the midway.
i was always a fan of the "squirt water into a bulls eye" game. probably because, as a child, it was the only one i could ever win. and it was probably because of that reason that the prize is usually like 3 inches tall...
 we didn't actually play any games, but i love watching other people take a shot.
 there is something about a gigantic smurf that makes men want to throw away dollars attempting the impossible.
 hey there, cotton bowl!
toys and prizes in every shape and color!
 i loved these giant pigs:
this man won a giant smurf. in my mind he is instantly regretting it.
 i have definitely ridden my fair share of fair rides, and every single time i begin to question the competence of the carny ride constructors right as the car approaches it's most precarious spot.
 this kid looked on in awe.
while those two ladies tried to decide between fried mashed potatoes and fried cake balls...
 i was tall enough, but still declined.
 apparently there is a giant alligator inside this trailer.
reptile exploitation is at it's highest at the texas state fair.
 i told andrew i wanted to get some of these t-shirts.
wouldn't you know- he turned me down..
 this guy is like, "a meatball sandwich?!?"
 these bananas are totally stoned.
 and there is the ferris wheel!
 raise your hand if these weird paintings of celebrities creep you out.
*raises hand*
 we went into the greenhouse and saw thomas the train.
(please do not touch thomas)
 this kid won a ridiculous sized stuffed dog;
his brother a ridiculous sized money.
a great argument for the suburban.
 "don't let me get in my zone.."
 it's always fun to watch people react to riding these terrifying rides.
 this lady didn't fit the chair and had to ride the whole ride with her shirt squished up above her belly. this  is once she was back on the ground and able to readjust:
 and i can almost guarantee that the percentage of people actually enjoying this ride is less than two.
this has got to be the number one most disgusting concept the fair has ever come up with.
every person i saw eating it was reacting with a "yucky" face. 
 i do love some roasted corn...
 and it took a lot of willpower to resist a massive salt water taffy box purchase.
 and check out that t-rex's expression:
cold root beer:
 this picture summed it all up for me:
left- man with pony tail, tank top, short shorts, and tall socks.
right- his much stouter friend.
above- nauseated riders telling themselves that it's not going to break.
we might have gotten turned around once or twice, but the men studied the map and got us back on track.
 in one of the sale tents we saw and admired this collection of metal horny toads.
they had every known breed represented and even horny toad cufflinks, necklaces, and broaches.
the only thing funnier than the trucker-hat-wearing man behind the counter spilling all his horny toad knowledge to onlookers, was the man opposite him- truly unable to decide which one his wife would appreciate most.
 i love the texas state fair.
this year did not disappoint!


  1. You look like GOP front-runner material with that corny dog, little lady.

  2. Your pictures are amazing and this makes me wish I was eating a corn dog at the fair right now!