say hello to my little friend

 i always try to make toby into costumes that sound like his name.
for example, last year he was toby-wan kenobi.

this year, i got on a scarface kick.
maybe an 80's kick.  you be the judge.

thus, toby was:
toby montana.
 he wore a black suit and a black wig.
i bought an entire g.i. joe just for his tiny machine gun.
  i even dusted flour all over his face to look like cocain, but he ate most of it before the picture.
this is when it got in his nose.
 let the record show that this blog does not condone drug or gun use.
it does condone accuracy in halloween costumes.
 say hello to my little friend.
i wanted to go as "gina" from scarface.
the theme for our party was dead celebrities (more on that to come).
if you haven't seen scarface (too late), spoiler alert, she dies.  they all die.
gina has mega crazy curly hair, which i tried to copy.
i spent 24 hours in these sponge rollers that almost sent me on a murderous rampage:
 my mother rolled them in so tight, they were nearly impossible to remove.
 but the results were excellent....
 i wore one of those glittery 80's dresses that had a low back and a huge bow.
it was awesome.
somehow i got zero pictures of the dress...
 i can't wait to show you pictures from our most epic halloween party!!
keep checking back

and don't forget about sending me pictures of your pup
in costume
for the contest.  the winner will be chosen november 2nd,
and will be receiving a special surprise from
lindsey and tobe!

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  1. freakin fantastic! tobe looks so amazing. amazing!! and your hair- cant even talk about how incredible it is! i just love it! i want to do it for myself just because its so so awesome! and your dress looks fantastic. I can't wait to hear about the party!