all my birthdays with you

something big happened on sunday...
let me tell you about it!


so andrew's birthday is october 2nd.
(last sunday)
we had made big plans to celebrate by going to the cowboy game with both of our parents.
andrew also mentioned that he wanted to do birthday breakfast on the roof, but when i suggested that i might go purchase food/beverage for this he refused.  he stated "i already got stuff for breakfast."

i was frustrated.

i love a birthday (like more than anyone) and i like to plan fun stuff to celebrate birthdays!
i tried to argue, but andrew cut me off, "and don't open that brown bag. there is a surprise in it." 


"now i'm getting surprised on your birthday?? this just isn't ok.." i protested.

he assured me that it was what he really wanted,
and since andrew is prone to regularly picking odd battles, i thought nothing of it.

we woke up early and i took toby for a morning walk.
once back at the apartment, andrew tells me "you and toby meet me up there."

we (toby and i) arrived at the 9th floor and were suddenly aware of the beautiful weather!
and the sun was just perfect-
hence me taking photos of nothing.
andrew welcomed toby and gave him a snuggle.
toby began eyeballing the table...
andrew had created a beautiful spread!
tons of fresh fruit, french press coffee, a bottle of champagne, and a huge bouquet of roses!
the fruit interested toby most.
andrew suggested we pop the champagne.
at this point andrew is probably nervously anticipating the big question he is about to ask.
i, oblivious as usual, was trying to make toby sit in a chair.
he handed me a glass of champagne and said, "look, i got real champagne!" and he smiled.
i smiled and said, "what a wonderful birthday! i can't believe you did all this!"

then he said, "lindsey i love spending my birthday with you... and i wanna spend all my birthdays with you....
[insert very touching and teary words that were only for my ears]"

he held my hand and pressed something inside it.
i was (yes, not until now) suddenly aware of what this was all about!
and a mass of involuntary tears started gushing!
i was not photo-ready at this moment in time.  my mascara (from the night before) started running all over my face. i said "are you serious??"
he put the delicate ring on my finger and i haven't stopped staring at it since.
i squealed and toby watched happily.
"toby, did you hear that??" i asked.
he was thrilled.
we sat and giggled and kissed and hugged.
then i went on a photo frenzy and andrew showed toby the view.
here are the flowers!
andrew cleverly hid them in the community center two days earlier.
i love a surprise involving something hidden!
i was already in my cowboys shirt!
we sipped the champagne.
and i shared a blueberry with tobe.
this is toby's reaction to getting a blueberry.
he took a sniff at the ring and approved.
the ring belonged to andrew's grandmother.
and i couldn't be prouder to wear it!

heather came over (along with the rest of our cowboy game carpool)
and took pictures of us.
this is us laughing at her forcing us to take the cheesy ring hand-on-chest picture.
but i'm glad we did:
 the cowboys lost, but we seriously couldn't care less!
(we are used to losses anyway!)
nothing could have ruined the day!
andrew, thank you for making your special day about me.
you are so selfless and so kind.
my life is complete as long as i have you in it.
all my love forever
and ever
and ever.

happy birthday :)

(and many more)


  1. greatest thing ever. thanks for making my day with your beautiful love for each other. totally inspiring!

  2. So cute! Glad you shared your story! :)

  3. best proposal ever. oh my gosh. i just love the whole story!! love you both so much!!

  4. What a sweet story! I love you guys! Congratulations to y'all and happy wedding planning! Yay!!!!!

  5. That is seriously the most beautiful blog I have ever read. I'm sitting here tearing up and I don't even know you like that. Bravo. Cheers to many more birthdays.

    Devins Friend, Hilary