dead celebs party

my cousin shannon and i co-hosted a halloween party last weekend!
i suggested this at the beginning of october.
i also suggested we use her house.
to my delight she agreed and the planning began...

we decorated weeks in advance.
last friday it all came together for a truly fantastic party!

here is the spooky snack table:
 complete with black roses, spider webs, and festive candles.
 i made rice-krispie ghosts:
 and cake balls:
 and shannon got a few flavors of uptown popcorn- excuse me, i mean "heaven in a bag."
we named it ghost poop.
(andrew's idea):
 we covered all the lights with sheer black cloth to make the mood spooky.
 98% of the decorations came from my mother's attic.
she is the ultimate holiday decorator and halloween is her masterpiece.
this year she lent it all to us!
this scary vampire was among these decorations:
 i made witches brooms for party favors.
they are just lunch bags with candy corn inside.
martha can show you how, though, i took a slightly different approach.
 we hung giant spider webs and white cheesecloth from the ceilings:
 and i made heather take pictures of the decor before the party:
thank you heather!
 another spider:
 toby was very afraid of our "haunted mansion."
 we iced the beer in big black cauldrons.
 the always amazing rocko milano crafted us a menu of specialty spooky cocktails.
they were so appropriate for halloween and also so delicious!
you can sample his genius at private social.
 ghost pinata!
 the theme was "dead celebs".... can you guess who andrew was??
 i'll get back to that.
 scary white masks on the fence.
 all of patrick and shannon's trees were too tall for the little ghostie,
so the boys crafted a pinata holder out of brooms.
 this is right after i took out the millions of evil sponge rollers:
 and here is the bar:
 ghost was ready.
 rocko also got us vodka in a skull! is that insane or what??
 i took more decor pics after the sun went down and the lights could be appreciated...

 patrick and shannon's really cool neighbor let us borrow his giant blow up spider!
 here's the front yard:
note my traffic cone candy corns.
 and a fog machine on the porch!
 we covered all the furniture with white sheets to look all abandoned and scary.
 we hired a fortune teller for the evening.
this is his fortune telling station,
complete with crystal ball:
 there are my broom bags again.
 even the bathroom was spooky!
 scary ghost lindsey:
 remember the theme?  dead celebs??
the costumes were fantastic:
 my co-hosts and haunted mansion dwelling cousins
were professor plum and miss scarlet!
 adam and eve!
complete with leaves and apple.
and muscles.
 drum roll....
andrew was tupac.
i drew all his tattoos on, but blurred out the racial slur above his belly button:
 and so the party began..
 i made mummy dogs:
 and jalapeno poppers witches fingers:
 and cemetery cups:
 adam, macho man randy savage, and tupac:
 jello shots on frozen glowing hands and dry ice!
 but don't drink and fly...
 my newest investment:
the bubble fogger.
 half bubble machine, half fog machine-
 the bubble fogger creates bubbles filled with fog.
when they pop, a cloud of fog swooshes out.
it.    is.    awesome.
from left
 edie sedgwick, gina montana, miss scarlett, and anne boleyn.
 billy mays (the oxyclean man),
and amy winehouse.
 che guevara
 brittany murphy (in clueless) and a... flying squirrel?
(not a dead celeb, but we will take it)
 luckily we had a fire pit- it was freezing!
adam and eve spent the most time near the fire.
 everyone voted on their favorite costumes.
we had a three way tie and decided to battle it out over a pinata.
(adam appears to have collected other people's props during the evening)
 adam took a crack at it.
no go.
but check out eve on the left leaping out of the way of the stick!
 the flying squirrel couldn't quite get it either.
 frangelico finally busted the ghost!
and out came a zillion mini liquor bottles!
 well done, ghost.
 frangelico and his prize:
 hurray mini bottles!!
 some of my favorite boys:
 and the handsome tupac:
 there is brittany murphy- looking very 90's.
 a dog and kitty:
 a nod to a fabulous evening:
 it was so fun we didn't even care that the rangers lost!
 this spider became friends with flying squirrel.
he is now called "ted"
(is wesley snipes on the tv?)
if you were there- thanks for coming!
if not- we missed you!
 halloween will forever be the most fun holiday.  ever.